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Open Letter To StreetViewFun

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Greetings Staff of StreetViewFun.com,
    >>Have a funny or interesting site? Want more traffic?
I have what I think is a very interesting site that is becoming increasingly popular every day.
    >>You can get your text link at the bottom of all pages within StreetViewFun.com under “Links”.
I am excited about the opportunity to have a link to BlogDogIt.com on StreetViewFun.com.
    >>Just add our text link to your site and send your link to us at info @ streetviewfun.com
    >>Mention how many daily unique visitors you have to your site and where you have placed our link.

Come to http://BlogDogIt.com/ and see for yourself.


I have added a link to streeviewfun.com on my site (I have actually created a graphical button to be displayed in my recently created 'Friends - Link Exchange' block) in the upper right-hand corner (prime real estate ;-)) of every page.




We receive a few hundred unique visitors daily and have quite a few regular followers. I have recently hit 3/4 of one-million hits to the system (understanding bots are responsible for a great deal of that.) We have a wide mix of content much of it original. This is a not-for-profit hobby site and a labor of love.
We feature quality content and get respectable search engine generated traffic. A link exchange with StreatViewFun would be a feather in my virtual cap. I have long been a member and (twice) contributor to your site. (http://www.streetviewfun.com/author/masodo/) This is just the sort of promotion I have been keen to discover.
Please ADD a text link for http://BlogDogIt.com/ (Bloggin' It While Doggin' It)  Please pay us a visit, I would very happy to have you as a member of my site as well [smiley::D]
    >>- Your site is being updated regularly with new content
    >>- In english
Done and Done!
    >>We’ll send you an email within a week if your site has been approved.
Yes, please do!
Thank you for the chance to communicate. Keep StreetViewFun alive - I Can Help!

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