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Spin Kitty

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Another classic illusion from the Mighty Optical Illusions website.

Spinning Cat Optical Illusion
You control the direction of rotation with your mind!

Source: Mighty Optical Illusions

Spinning Girl optical illusion was the one responsible for skyrocketing our traffic back in the old days. Then we have received Spinning Man version. Unfortunately that one didn’t gain as much attention, I hoped it would. Let’s see if spinning some cats helps. User called Pech Misfortune (oh, the irony) created this animated gif using ImageReady in addition with 3D Studio Max. The illusions is simple – all you have to do is see the cat rotate in both directions. At first you may think it’s impossible, but after some practice you’ll soon be able to switch the direction with each round. I’m also interested to hear your comments about the original direction you saw the cat spin at? When I first saw this, it appeared to move clockwise. Now each time I see it – it’s just the opposite (concentrate on it’s tale to switch).

Scoop: Mighty Optical Illusions(c) is a website dedicated to optical illusions, magic tricks and puzzles. And the best thing about them, they’re free! Yes, free free free pictures free images! Single sentence describes this website perfectly: "When the perception turns against you!". Providing regular updates, giving quick and easy aces to our database makes our guests coming back. We are growing fast and giving our best to keep the throne of Internet leading Optical Illusion website.

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