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Have some Regrettes - Don't Talk Back

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Don't Talk Back - Regrettes


Regrettes Band


The Regrettes are a Columbus, Ohio female-fronted soul and R&B revival band. Their stock in trade is the raw, rootsy sound of early Stax records, the pounding rhythms of Motown and the vocal delivery of luminaries like Aretha, Martha and Etta.

Singers (and tambourine Jedi masters) Mehgan Hutchinson and Lizzy Morris trade sultry harmonies and lines about love, revenge and all the complicated emotions in between. The rhythm section of drummer Adam Scoppa and bassist Dan Barnes provides a sturdy backbone for James Allisons agile keys and Dennis Tanner's economic guitar work.

The Regrettes are not content to jam on a spineless soul-funk groove on a Sunday afternoon in the park. Their songs are fierce, nuanced and suited for sweaty, late-night floor-filling congregations baptized by alcohol. Hot tub after-parties should be expected.

Source: http://www.theregrettes.com/

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