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In The BlogDogIt Light

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It has been two weeks since I started the "In The Spotlight" topic and have been having a pretty good time with this little project. For those who have not had the pleasure, here is the introductory text that (for now) accompanies the heading for that topic area:

In The Spotlight is a new feature of BlogDogIt.

After recently claiming BlogDogIt.com on Technorati it was obvious that - as a new member - BlogDogIt was starting at the bottom of a great heap of blogs and it would be the height of folly to think we would ever make it into Technorati's "TOP 100 Blogs" ranking. However, it is clear as day that among the listed blogs is a veritable cornucopia of content for one so intent on Bloggin' / Doggin' IT.

Through this feature, I will shine the Spotlight on selected blogs; those with a similar "authority" ranking as BlogDogIt and which cover at least one of our claimed "authority" topic areas. A big thank you to Technorati and a BlogDogIt Welcome to our spotlit blogs. Please visit these sites and tell 'em we sent you. Don't forget to come back here  though - better yet add BlogDogIt RSS to your feedlist - to stay on top of what's happening at or near the bottom.

Now... Going Up?


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Me and computers go way back. My high school had a computer and a class. I did not take the class but I did use the computer room as a location for an amateur film entitled - strangely enough - "The Computer." I could not tell you what type of computer it was other than to say it was a behemoth in blue and a punch card system. This was circa 1975. A time when pocket calculators had glowing red LED displays and PONG was just hitting the streets. The world of computing was strange and new. You could not really say that I was "into" computers but it would be fair to say "we hung out." I intend to post to this blog on a somewhat regular basis. For my part I will post about things that interest me and things that may interest a certain segment of the internet at large. I would also like to formerly extend the invitation for you dear reader to register for an access account and join the fun.


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