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Spotlight[Art]: Upcycle That

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Upcycling Ideas and Inspiration
Hello! We are Upcycle That and we love Upcycling! We curate and create the best upcycling ideas. Why? Because Upcycling is a great way to reuse materials and reduce our footprint. Look through our menus and browse by materials or end uses. To learn more about upcycling check out our about page. Get ready to think about that box of unused items a little differently.

Home Brewed iPhone Amp

We definitely “have a thing” for electricity-free iPhone amps, and this lo-fi solution is made of PVC and an old bike horn! This is the absolute bees knees.

iPhone amp horn

Upcycle That!

But wait, there’s more!

Source: Upcycle That


iPhone amp horn

To make, get an old bike horn and remove the noise maker. Screw the horn into a piece of PVC aligned with the iPhone speaker. Be sure to learn the ends of the PVC open for more expansive sound. Now press play.

[original]Source: lowtechatmo

Source: Upcycle That

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