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To a new beginning...

Well, I have done it. I have taken all of the websites I was running and merged them into one.

The Family Camper...

The Antique Craftsmen...

JonnyChapps Media...

All of them are combined here for one giant blog about everything I do.

Why did I do this? Well, I cycle through these talents and hobbies of mine every couple of months. I'll do a graphic or two and create a 3D Model to sell and then I'll update JonnyChapps Media. I'll take the family camping and want to write something about that so I'll update the Family Camper. I'll then start doing crafts or building furniture and so then I'll update the Antique Craftsman. You see where I'm going with this? So now it'll all be on this one site.

It was a pain in the a** keeping 3 sites up to date and figuring out the best way to market each one. So hopefully this will work out better...

Source: JonnyChapps.com

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