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The Magnetic Fields - Covered

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Taking Cover -

A couple of years ago I posted an embeded Vimeo video entitled "Yeah! Oh, Yeah!" which featured Nico Colaleos and Kali Fontecchio singing a heartwarming cover of The Magnetic Fields song "Yeah! Oh, Yeah!" Unfortunately that video was pulled and - despite my efforts to dig up the footage - BlogDogIt is now left with a hole in the form of a dead link. :(

So I asked myself, "Should I do something about that missing video?"
Of course the only obvious answer was "Yeah! Oh Yeah!"

With loins girded, I set out upon a quest to find a replacement cover of this classic tune. I watched several videos; ranging from mediocre to downright painful. Of course there where live-set videos of The Magnetic Fields performing the song (in assorted venue.) But I wanted to replace a cover with a cover.

And then it happened...

I came upon what is perhaps the ultimate version of "Yeah! Oh, Yeah!" It was smooth as silk (and twice as sexy) - Tracey Thorn and Jens Lekman totally confiscated the song.

What kind of a host would I be if I did not offer to share this with you?


Tracey Thorn  Jens Lekman

Yeah! Oh Yeah! - Tracey Thorn & Jens Lekman

Lyrics: "Yeah! Oh, Yeah!" - The Magnetic Fields

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"Yeah! Oh, Yeah!"
The Magnetic Fields-

Are you out of love with me?
Are you longing to be free?
Do I drive you up a tree?

Yeah! Oh, yeah!

Do I drive you up the wall?
Do you dread every phone call?
Can you not stand me at all?

Yeah! Oh, yeah!

Though I need you more than air
is it true you just don't care?
Are you having an affair?

Yeah! Oh, yeah!

When we met I thought
money was everything
so I let you buy the house,
the cars, the ring
but I can't take your perpetual whining
and you can't sing

I thought if we lived apart
we could make a brand-new start
Do you want to break my heart?

Yeah! Oh, yeah!

I've enjoyed making you
miserable for years
found peace of mind in
playing on your fears
How I loved to catch your gold
and silver tears, but now my dear

What a dark and dreary life
Are you reaching for a knife?
Could you really kill your wife?

Yeah! Oh, yeah!

Oh, I die, I die, I die!
So it's over, you and I
Was my whole life just a lie?

Yeah! Oh, yeah!


You may now wish to enjoy them individually...


Tracey Thorn
Love And Its Opposite -
Love And Its Opposite
Oh, the Divorces!
Jens Lekman
I Know What Love Isn't -
I Know What Love Isnt
The End of the World is Bigger Than Love



I found these recordings laying around the internet and brought them here to promote these artist.
If you enjoy these folks buy their albums.
If you are these folks and want me to take down these songs - just ask.


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