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Mission to the Edge of Space: Another Day

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Mission Accomplished!


Red Bull Stratos



On the edge of my seat all morning... Anticipating the launch of the Red Bull Stratos... Looking forward to witnessing the spectacular achievements destined to put Felix Baumgartner into the record books... but alas, gusting winds have halted today's attempt at breaking several records related to a human falling from the sky.

The events of this morning - thanks (in no small part) to the excellent coverage of this historic event by RedBullStratos.com - brought to this remote observer, a mere glint of the emotion that must have surely gripped our hero, Felix Baumgartner. It had to be an emotional freefall of epic proportion.

Using "ALT+PrtScn" as my virtual camera I snapped the following screen-grabs as today's drama reached it's disappointing climax.


History Awaits
History Awaits
Felix Baumgartner on-board as balloon inflation is underway.

Mission Aborted
Mission Aborted
Felix Baumgartner gets the official word.

Mission Aborted
Felix Baumgartner preparing to leave the capsule.

Another Day
Mission Aborted
Felix Baumgartner - It's out of his hands.

Wrapping it up.
Mission Aborted
Felix Baumgartner retreats to his trailer.

It was Mission Technical Director, Art Thompson's voice over the radio that summed it up succintly:

"Another Day"

Great work guys we will see you then...

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