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An Introduction To Devin Super Tramp

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Trike Racing - Fast and the Furious

Devin Graham is an extraordinary wild-life cinematographer. His subjects? People...

Grab a seat and hold on tight ...

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While searching the interwebs for behind the scenes information about the Trike Racing - Fast and the Furious video featured above, I came upon the following explaination - purportedly by Devin Graham.

What follows is reprinted from WalkThePlankMag.com

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“Film was made by Devin Graham
For the filming of this video my friend Jace LeRoy was a huge part of it. He spent the day filming it with me, running his camera (Canon T3i).

This video would not have happened if it wasn’t for my friends Danielle Jensen and Tyce Jensen. They are the original creators of the modified trikes that were rode in the video. They even had a speedometer attached to the bikes they were riding, and they clocked in going 55mph down the road we filmed at, passing cars in the process.

We shot this in a place called Powder Mountain Utah.

As far as the sound design for this video, we actually didn’t use a SINGLE piece of audio from the actual day of filming. For all the bike sounds and shoe noises, we recorded those the next day in a parking lot. I had my friends Scott Clarke and Ryan Faulkner help me record the audio for it. We recorded the sounds by getting a broken bike and throwing that against the cement for bike crash sounds. We then towed me behind a truck with my feet dragging against the cement to capture the same noises that were made the day of filming with the shoes skidding against the concrete.

I did all the sound design.

For more info on the making of this video and the rest of my videos, make sure and check out my blog right below, and while your at it, you might as well follow that to ;)

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Walk the Plank is a NYC-based, online magazine about rock n' roll culture and associated bad assery.

Walk the Plank is a NYC-based, online magazine about rock n' roll culture and associated bad assery.

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