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10 Ways To Access Blocked Websites

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Websites like facebook, twitter and other social networking sites are generally blocked in schools, colleges and offices. There exist some tricks by which you can bypass the restrictions and access blocked sites, the most obvious is the use of proxies or Anonymizer websites. But using proxies doesn�t always works as they gets blocked by firewall as well. Here I am listing some other methods to access blocked contents.

1. Use IP instead of URL

Each website has its equivalent ip address. This method works best when blocked sites are stored as a list of URLs. You can use ip address to access blocked contents . For example to access facebook you can use ip address in your address bar. You can use ip-address.com to find the ip address of other websites.

2. Use Google Cache

All major search engines like Google yahoo and Bing stores cached pages of websites themselves. You can access blocked websites by viewing their cached copy on search engines.

3. Translations services

Translation services like Google Translate, translate a website from one language to another and display the translated results on their own page. You can access the blocked website by re-translating blocked url using such online translation services.

4. Retrieve web pages via Email

Web2Mail is a free service that sends any websites into your inbox. All you need to do is send an email to www@web2mail.com with the URL as subject title.

5. WayBack Machine

Wayback machine periodically keeps a copy of almost all websites on the internet from the date they have started. You can access your blocked site by fetching its latest copy from archives.

6. Screen-Resolution.com

Screen-Resolution.com allows you to view any website in a different resolution. This could be an interesting tool to access blocked websites.

7. Google Mobile Search

Google Mobile Search displays a web page as if you are viewing it on a mobile phone. You can use it to access blocked websites but javascript and css will be disabled.

8. Redirect with Short URL service

Short URL service are used for converting a long URL in a shorter one. You can convert your blocked url into a shorter one and use it to access blocked websites. This trick dont always works. The two popular url shortening service are bit.ly and adf.ly

9. USB Browsing

You can use this method if you have access to usb port, you can load usb with your own portable Firefox, with the portable Tor plugin or you can directly use tor-firefox.

10. Proxy Websites

This is the generally known method to access blocked websites. There are thousands of online proxies you can use to surf anonymously or to access blocked websites. Here is 90+ Proxy Websites To Access Blocked Websites.


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