Really About

So, what is BlogDogIt?

Michael "masodo" DeBurgerFair question... let me break it down for you:

BlogDogIt - "Bloggin' It While Doggin' It"

"Blog" verb; To add entries into a weblog.

"Dog It" verb phrase; To shirk one's responsibilities.

Simply put... this is a hobby. BlogDogIt is the website of a hacker and a cyber explorer of the web less traveled. A web designer and photographer by trade, I have been on the fringes of the world wide web since its inception and have found very little in the mainstream to really draw me in.

Throw BlogDogIt a BoneBlogDogIt is a free-standing community site and operates outside of any advertising subsidized network of users. Of course I maintain a presence in all the really hip establishments but mainly for the avenues of exploration they offer.

This is basically my homepage and my favorites page. It is a blog built upon the open-source "Geeklog" platform and serves as a hub-site, offering suggestions to visitors of some great internet destinations (as gauged by someone who has "seen it all.") I worry not about page-rank , hit-counts and such and would no doubt be doing this even if nobody showed up. But truth be told, there is quite a bit of content in the pages of BlogDogIt and folks come from near and far to partake of interesting content; both original and shared.

BlogDogIt Award - Take OneBlogDogIt runs what I like to refer to as an "old-school" link exchange and features links to web sites that link to mine. Many great cyber friendships have arisen from these efforts. I like to think that BlogDogIt distills the same magic that brought the world MySpace, Facebook and Twitter into one funky little community website on the ragged edge of social media.

If you are going to get the most from BlogDogIt then you should bring your pioneering spirit. We explore the internet so you don't have to; all you need do is explore the depths of, it may be my hobby but it exists for you.