I am pleased to announce the addition of a brand new domain in the DeBurger Photo Image & Design empire: GlitchyMatrix.com

The following is the "About" section from my new blog:

Glitch N. MatrixThroughout my life I have experienced instances of utter weirdness; from Déjà vu and prophetic dreams to bizarre observations and unexplained occurrences. It was after experiencing a very obvious “glitch in the matrix” moment that I felt compelled to investigate the availability of the domain name glitchinthematrix dot com… it was taken (no surprise.) That was actually a good thing because it lead me to grab-up GlitchyMatrix.com (a much pithier option I feel.)

I am excited to venture into this creation and have chosen the moniker “Glitch N. Matrix” with which to present content on this site. Apologies to Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck for choosing his visage (flipped) to stand for my Mr. Matrix – I am quite uncertain why I chose to do so

The internet is chock-full of reports of the strange, bizarre and inexplicable. It is my intention to seek out examples of this Glitchy Matrix in which we live to share them with readers. I will gladly accept story submissions and suggestions and hope to one day make GlitchyMatrix.com a “go-to” source for reports of glitches in the matrix.

From the category: Personal Reflections


It is a timeworn cliché to ask the question, “where were you when the lights went out?”; this being ostensibly a reference to the legendary Northeast Blackout of 1965. So too, are many folks prompted to recall events of three years prior to that catastrophe, when plied with the question, “where were you when Kennedy was shot?” We who were alive during those occurrences may (or may not) be able to offer solid alibis for our whereabouts and activities at the time, but when an apparent Glitch in the Matrix occurs in conjunction with a major event, the moment will be forever etched in your consciousness. This is my story of just such a moment…

Dancing PeopleSeveral years ago I was given the gift of a really nice earthenware coffee mug that featured embossed, silhouetted figures of people dancing – in a petroglyphic motif – about its circumference. It was an uplifting graphic that added buoyancy to its substantial heft. This mug became my constant companion as I would transport my “wake-up juice” on my daily three mile commute to the photo lab at which I was employed.

I recall one day, while heading off to work, I stopped momentarily to tie my shoe; using my truck’s bumper to prop up my foot for the task. It was not until I was walking into work, and rounding the back of the truck that I noticed the coffee cup setting where I left it – on the rear bumper – without so much as a drop missing from it’s precious cargo. I tell you this anecdote to illustrate why I had taken to thinking of this item as “my lucky cup.”

This talismanic status was to be a short-lived manifestation however, for not long after the mug’s demonstration of its amazing survival skills, it met its match in the form of the concrete sidewalk just outside my home’s front gate. My house at the time had a chain-link fence and a front gate that I would routinely pass through; performing the action of unlatching, opening, closing and latching. One fateful morning as I was turning to close the gate, my prized earthenware work of art tumbled from my grasp and fell (seemingly in slow motion) to the pavement below – shattering into countless small pieces. At the time I could not fathom the forces that would cause me to subject my inanimate friend to such an awful fate but could not dwell on the matter as I was off to work.

When I arrived at the lab a crowd of fellow employees were gathering around a large central work table where the manager was setting up a television. “What’s going on?” I inquired to the dazed and confused looking assembly…

The timing was just about right. The explanation was clear. Tuesday, September 11, 2001. 8:46:40: Flight 11 crashes into the north face of the North Tower (1 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99.

Norman Vincent Peale“This is a dynamic and mysterious universe and human life is, no doubt, conditioned by imponderables of which we are only dimly aware. People sometimes say, “the strangest coincidence happened.” Coincidences may seem strange, but they are never a result of caprice. They are orderly laws in the spiritual life of man. They affect and influence our lives profoundly. These so-called imponderables are so important that you should become spiritually sensitized to them. Indeed, the more spiritually minded you become the more acute your contact will be with these behind-the-scenes forces. By being alive to them through insight, instruction, and illumination, you can make your way past errors and mistakes on which, were you less spiritually sensitive, you might often stumble.”


  • Norman Vincent Peale, Stay Alive All Your Life

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