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Horror as Teaching Tool...

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Bell & Howell 16mm Optical SoundYou have just agreed to go to work for a national chain of restaurants. This is a dream come true. Although this is a job unlike any you have ever held you are reassured by the fact they are offering to pay you even while they train you. You arrive at the regional training center early on your first day per their instruction. You are directed to Training Room A where you are greeted by the blank stares of other individuals and you realize this is a boat you all must share Only half the banks of overhead florescent lights are lit. You are about to learn that very soon even those will be extinguished. Taking a seat near the front of the room you notice the forward wall shrouded in a bright white sheet of reflective glass beads. You turn to check the rear of the room and discover that magnificent marvel of modern mechanics; that beautiful beast by Bell & Howell. You know what this means... "Old School" Training Video ...

Sit back, relax (if you dare) and enjoy the show...


Jack In The Box: Deadly Dangers
A training film for Jack in the Box employees on potential safety hazards in the workplace.
The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbKJzZQ6_Gc

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