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For better than a year now I have been lamenting the fact that technorati dot com has given up on their blog rating system and completely changed the landscape in the blogosphere as far as I'm concerned. There once was a time when your Technorati rating was some indicator of your blogs standing in the community. I would find great sport in perusing the list of registered blogs and would always pay special attention to those blogs with a similar rating to BlogDogIt. Once upon a time I would only "Spotlight" websites that shared a similar Tecnorati score to my site's. Since that system of measure is no more (or NoTechrati, as I now prefer to think of them) the business of discovering new blogs to visit has been a bit more random. Now the house rule regarding a blog's eligibility to be featured here requires that it must be accessible via links originating from BlogDogIt.

A few months ago - following the example of Amanda Wood (Journey of Mixed Emotions, Clearly Writing) - I added the LonelyBlogs "Badge" to BlogDogIt and in so doing have opened a fresh new world of interesting discoveries. As I find the gems I will catalog them in the BlogDogIt Links section so look for more activity in that area too.

LonelyBlogs is basically a feed aggregator of their member blogs. I have personally made several valuable discoveries by visiting the page and selecting sites from their dynamic up-to-the-minute list of freshly published articles. Since joining and having BlogDogIt included in the mix I have noticed a bump in visitors to this site traceable to this initiative. I invite you to check them out and join the fun. Their motto "Only the Best Blogs" would include you, right?
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The section below is reprinted from the LonelyBlogs website:



We made this website in order to support bloggers from all over the world and the blogger community. It works by reading RSS or Atom feeds that users provide and then links to the newest posts on user's blogs.

When your blog and your blog's feed is added to our base, the site will start reading your feed and add links to the newest posts to your blog on this site.

All posts are the property of their owners.

Contact: info [at]

Privacy and Terms

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