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Marionette Tickles Ivory (and Funny Bone)

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Build-A-PuppetIf you are a human being then you probably enjoy the occasional puppet show.

If you do not enjoy puppets then you obviously have not seen this act:

(perfect occasion for that puppet show)




Extraordinary Puppet Show - Piano Playing Puppet

The Video: https://youtu.be/pEXK3M8plIY


While seeking to illustrate this post, in addition to discovering the marionette body parts detail image above, I happened upon the following video by  Dug North detailing a very nicely crafted automaton called "Mekanikos vs. The Minotaur - Carnival Sideshow Automaton."

The Video: https://youtu.be/geErfu43oqw

Please Visit DugNorth.com

Automata by Dug North


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