BMX Extreme Stunt Show - The Video

I tell you what, my wife is so lucky at "being the eighth caller" to WISH-TV Channel 8 and winning prizes that the station should hire her just to make her ineligible [smiley:;)]

This latest prize package was 4 tickets to The World Of Wheels Autorama in Indianapolis. Today we cashed them in.

I decided this would be a good chance to blow the dust out of the sprockets of the video camera so I loaded in some fresh batteries and brought it along. I am glad I did too... You dont normally associate auto shows with "Action" but these dudes of the BMX Extreme Stunt Show brought it by the trailer load.

I collected a great many shots of some very cool cars but this section of the "clip haul" - shot from the bleachers - stands on it's own. I wanted to get this posted now while I edit the Auto Show stuff for release in the not too distant future.

Enjoy the show!

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