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The Cyber-Empire Exposed

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The Transom

The InfinitelyRemote Cyber EmpireA glimpse of the InfinitelyRemote

I am often asked about my computer system and I like to brag that I utilize a quad-core. Pictured to the left is that system.

  • Core #1 - InfinitelyRemote
  • Core #2 - HAL
  • Core #3 - EVO
  • Core #4 - PracticalLightning

Also highlighted: A - External Hard Drive Farm, B - Dazzle Fusion Video Input Device, C - Sanyo 4Head-HiFi VCR, D - Removable Media Stacks.

HAL and EVO are running fully patched - up to the minute - Windows XP. InfinitelyRemote is running CentOS 6.4 and PracticalLightning is chugging along with Fedora 10 OS.

While many may scoff at the energy required to run these computers (in order to gain the benefit of such unsurpassed multitasking ability.) I will gladly suggest that these machines are not taking up land-fill space and continue to serve admirably, the chores they were designed and built to do. Total investment: Not very much [smiley:;)]

Come on in...
It's Mostly A WebSite

~ InfinitelyRemote has been hosting internet goodness since 2007 ~
It is a hobby site and exist solely for educational purposes.
Must be 13 or older to join. See privacy statement for conditions.

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