I have always enjoyed the tips and suggestion presented on the RandomReveals web site so when they suggested I have a look at this "Mindblowing Video Taken From Space Shuttle During Launch"  I just knew it would be worth my while. At 8-1/2 minutes my first thought was this is a bit long for a random youtube forray but after hitting play I certainly enjoyed the ride. You should too.

Riding the Booster with enhanced sound - Submitted by michael interbartolo

As a model rocketeer from way-back I could not help but be reminded of the Estes Cineroc Super 8 Rocket Cams and was thereby motivated to see what the internet remembers about the device. My searching led me to RCGrabBag.com  where they posted a restoration of a film from Estes Industries promoting the Cineroc.

Please Watch Now: Estes Cineroc Prep and Flight


Cineroc Sales/Spec sheet.(click to enlarge)

Estes Cineroc Super 8 Rocket Cam Image Source: BlastFromThePastRocketry

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