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It’s been decided. I’m going to live to one hundred!

on November 14, 2012


A good friend of mine just celebrated her birthday. Happy, fun, party time right? Not exactly. For the last few months she’s been bummed about her impending day of celebration.  Downright melancholy. Why?  I’m going with crazy, but that’s just me. Birthdays are the most fun day in the whole wide world! It’s the one day a year that’s just yours! Unless you have a twin like me and then you share it, but it’s still all for you in that super awesome selfish way.  My friend hates the fact that she’s growing older.  Like this is something she even has a say in.  Do you know what I told her? (Of course you do because it’s me talking).  I told her to shut up, that she can’t do anything about it. We all get older and you have to embrace it!

I recently read an article on that made me super happy, Ten surprising clues you’ll live to one hundred.  This rocked for many reasons and now I know I’m definitely going to live to a hundred! I decided/realized a long time ago that life isn’t a race; you don’t have to get their first. Slow and steady and stress free is the way to win since the prize is the same either way. So celebrate your damn birthday!

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I’ll let you in on the secrets of how to live to one hundred.  Ooooo, secrets. The clues to knowing really aren’t that surprising.  My favorite clue: are you a woman? Oh snap! Yes I am and according to a 2010 study 85% of people over one hundred are women.  Score! First secret noted, be a woman.

Another great clue to knowing if you’ll join me in the century club: do you have a lot of people in your life?  Of course, this makes perfect sense! The more social you are, the more interaction you have with others and the more likely you are to live longer.  Clue number three: are you a positive person?  I love this one! The better outlook you have on life the less likely you are to have unnecessary stress and the more likely you are to cross the century mark. I’m racking up the points here and I hope you are too.  Sorry fellas.

Clues are great, but why am I really going to live to one hundred? Because I want to! Barring any sort of catastrophe or accident or doomsday scenario, I’m preparing myself to live a long and healthy life.  You should too, so join me in telling my friend to shut up. Enjoy your birthdays and hopefully you’ll have over a hundred of them like me!


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