Once again I want to share a BlogDogIt milestone - a single post has recorded over 1500 hits. No surprise this is the same post that was the first to hit one thousand. In honor of this achievement I have decided to move all of the TOP TEN posts to the home page. Below is the list taken from the "Site Statistics" page:

EDIT: after one week of featuring on home page, the top ten have been returned to their normal chronological listing order. Click on the links below to review the posts.

Top Ten Viewed Stories

Story Title Views
Katy Manning - a Dalek Never Had It So Good. 1,560
Nature At Her Best - Nature Photos 1,397
Time Tunnel Discovered On Internet 1,304
Big Dream - Small Screen 660
Rescued Blog Entries 482
psychedelic-screen-melt 425
The Star Wars Gang 364
SpaceX / Elon Musk - Looking to the Future 363
Top 10 Most Memorable Robot Sidekicks 358
The Sour Puss 354

So go ahead and scroll down memory lane...

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