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Subject: Updated Internet Services List
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Date: 22 Apr 1997 21:42:00 GMT
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Summary: Minor updates.

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          * SPECIAL INTERNET CONNECTIONS:    Last Update: 4/22/97 *
          * Compiled By:  Scott Yanoff -  yanoff@alumni.cs.uwm.edu *
    * A + by an entry designates new entries/changes since last update *

    "finger yanoff@alumni.cs.uwm.edu" to find ways to receive this list!

  -Agricultural Info.,  telnet/gopher psupen.psu.edu or telnet  
    Family Issues,       PENpages (Login: Enter your two-letter state abbrev.)
    Food & Nutrition.   telnet caticsuf.csufresno.edu or telnet
                         CSU Fresno ATI-NET                     (Login: super)
                        telnet empire.cce.cornell.edu or telnet
                         CENET (Cornell Extension NETwork)      (Login: guest)
                        gopher cesgopher.ag.uiuc.edu         (See Also: Flood)
                        gopher gopher.nalusda.gov
			 National Agricultural Library of the USDA.
                        gopher probe.nalusda.gov
		         Agricultural Genome World Wide Web Server
			 Agricultural Index
			 Agriculture/Biosciences Information Sources
    offers: Agricultural info (livestock reports, current market prices, etc.)  

  -Agriculture Servers  gopher usda.mannlib.cornell.edu     [USDA Econ & Stats]
                        gopher esusda.gov              [USDA Extension Service]
                        gopher s27w007.pswfs.gov    [Forest Tree Genome Map DB]
                        http://www.agriculture.com/        [Agriculture Online]

  -Agriculture Lists    ftp ftp.sura.net (get file pub/nic/agricultural.list)

  -Almanac mail servers mail almanac@esusda.gov or mail almanac@ecn.purdue.edu 
                        mail almanac@oes.orst.edu or mail almanac@ces.ncsu.edu 
                        mail almanac@silo.ucdavis.edu or almanac@joe.uwex.edu 
                        mail almanac@empire.cce.cornell.edu 
                        mail almanac@acenet.auburn.edu
    offers: Each offers different USDA market news and articles.
     In body of letter: send guide  Other cmds: send catalog, send help haylist

  -GIEWS                gopher gopher.cgnet.com 2070
    offers: Access to food outlook for world, foodcrops, shortages, alerts.

  -GRIN                 gopher gopher.ars-grin.gov
    offers: Germplasm info about plants, animals, microbes, and insects.

  -Master Gardener      http://leviathan.tamu.edu:70/1s/mg
    offers: How to care for vegetable crops, flowering plants, trees & shrubs.

  -Sustainable Agri.    gopher calypso.oit.unc.edu
    Select: Worlds of SunSITE -- by Subject | Sustainable Agriculture Info.

 -ARCHEOLOGY            telnet cast.uark.edu or telnet
   offers: National Arch. Database information management system. (Login: nadb)
   offers: Robotic Tele-Excavation at USC (Mercury Project)

 -ART                   gopher gopher.wwa.com  [Scarecrow's ASCII Art Archives]
   offers: ASCII art links, ASCII art FAQ and reference.
                        http://www.yahoo.com/yahoo/Art/      [Art Index]
                        gopher twinbrook.cis.uab.edu 
   offers: The ASCII Bazaar.  Select: The Continuum | The ASCII Art Bazaar
		        http://cybersight.com/cgi-bin/cs/s?main.gmml [CyberNet]
			gopher cs4sun.cs.ttu.edu  (Select: Art & Images)
   offers: Links to thousands of animations, clip art, and images.
                        gopher unix5.nysed.gov (K-12 | Arts... | Gallery)
   offers: Works of art arranged by artist.
                        gopher olt.et.tudelft.nl 1251   [Digital Pict. Archive]
   offers: ASCII Clip art, access to all kinds of art sites.
                        gopher gopher.panix.com
   offers: New York Art Line collection of art and art resources.

 -ASTRONOMY             http://marvel.stsci.edu/net-resources.html   [AstroWeb]
   offers: Pointers to relevant resources available on Astronomy.
                        http://www2.ari.net/home/odenwald/cafe.html [AstroCafe]
   offers: Guide to Stars and Galaxies, converted from CD-ROM
   offers: Astronomy HyperText Book, hyperlinks to astronomy lessons.
   offers: Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center and databases.
   offers: Access all kinds of satellites, observatories, and telescopes.
   offers: WebStars: Astrophysics in Cyberspace
                        http://www.rose.com/~richard/   [Constellation of Week]

 -AUTOMOTOVE            http://www.eauto.com/            [Everything Automotive]
                        http://www.theautochannel.com/        [The Auto Channel]
                        http://alpha.vaxxine.com/adbase   [Automotive Database]
                        http://www.nashville.net/speedtrap [Speedtrap Registry]

  -Avion Newspaper      http://avion.db.erau.edu/
    The 1st online Aviation/Aerospace paper, includes pics, stories & graphics.

  -Aviation Gophers/Web gopher av.eecs.nwu.edu
                        gopher gopher.unomaha.edu (Select UNO Student Org...)
                        gopher gopher.db.erau.edu (Select: Aerospace/Aviation)
                        gopher gasnet.med.nyu.edu (Select: Aviation/)
                        http://www.aviation.span.ch/                 [European]
                        http://usis.com/~rcecil/              [Aviation Digest]
    offers: Acts as a repository for things on rec.aviation. (pics, stories...)

  -Avi. Weather Reports gopher geograf1.sbs.ohio-state.edu and select: Aviation

  -DUATS                telnet duat.gtefsd.com or telnet 
    offers: Aviation weather, flight planning. (Login: <last name>)

   -Biology Gophers/WWW gopher fragrans.riken.go.jp  [Bio. Culture Collections]
                        gopher dna.cedb.uwf.edu        [Bioinformics Resources]
                        gopher gopher.gdb.org           [Computational Biology]
                        gopher golgi.harvard.edu
                        gopher muse.bio.cornell.edu  [Biodiversity and Biology]
                        gopher biodiversity.ups.edu       [Biodiversity Gopher]
                        http://www.gdb.org/hopkins.html  [Bio-Informatics Page]
                        http://arnica.csustan.edu/                 [CSU BioWeb]
                    [Dictionary of Cell Biology]
                        http://www.gene.com/ae/          [Access Excellence]

   -Biological Services mail grail@ornl.gov ("help" in body of message)
     offers: Service predicting intron-exon splice sites in vertebrate genes.
                        telnet atcc.nih.gov or telnet
     offers: American Type Culture Collection (Login: search  Password: common)
                        gopher life.anu.edu.au
     offers: Access to lots of biological sciences information.

   -Cells Alive!        http://www.comet.chv.va.us/quill/
     offers: A website that introduces microbiology and immunology.

   -Frog Dissection     http://george.lbl.gov/ITG.hm.pg.docs/dissect/info.html
     offers: Images of frog from various views and stages of dissection.

   -Genetics Banks      mail gene-server@bchs.uh.edu
                        mail retrieve@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
                        mail blast@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov ("help" in body of message)
                        mail genmark@ford.gatech.edu
                        mail blocks@howard.fhcrc.org
                        mail cbrg@inf.ethz.ch ("help" in body of message)
                        mail QUICK@EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
                        mail NETSERV@EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
     Subject: help  offers: genetic database/nucleic acid/protein sequence.

   -Genomic Databases   http://www.informatics.jax.org/
     offers: Genomic Database of the Mouse.  (Login: guest)
                        gopher gopher.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk or gopher
		        gopher una.hh.lib.umich.edu (Sci.| Life...|Genetics...)
                        gopher pdb.pdb.bnl.gov

   -Molecular Biology   http://www.nih.gov/molecular_modeling/mmhome.html
     offers: Molecules R Us - interactive interface to view molecular data.
                        http://expasy.hcuge.ch/      [Molecular Biology Server]

   -Museum of Nat. Hist gopher gopher.peabody.yale.edu
     offers: Museum of biodiversity and biological information.
                        http://www.nhm.ac.uk/                          [London]

   -Botanical Gardens   http://www.mobot.org/welcome.html [MO Botanical Garden]

   -Botany Databases    gopher smithson.si.edu  (Select: Botany...)
			gopher kaos.erin.gov.au (Select: Biodiversity)

  -Business Resources   gopher gopher.nijenrode.nl (Select: Business Resources)

  -Bus. Yellow Pages    http://www.niyp.com/
    offers: Listing of over 16.5 million businesses!

  -Canadian Business    http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/u/nckwan/index.html
                        gopher cban.worldgate.edmonton.ab.ca   [Business Pages]
                        http://www.cibd.com/  [Canadian Internet Biz Directory]

  -Currency Exchange    http://www.olsen.ch/cgi-bin/exmenu

  -ECHO                 telnet echo.lu or telnet
    offers: European Commission Host Org., free databases! (Login: echo)

  -Economic BBS         telnet ebb.stat-usa.gov or telnet
                        gopher una.hh.lib.umich.edu (socsci | Econ | Dept...)
    offers: Interest rates, foreign exchange rates, price indices, stats.

  -Economics Gophers    gopher gopher.lib.umich.edu 
    Choose: Social Sciences Resources | Economics
                        gopher niord.shsu.edu (Choose: Economics)
                        gopher wuecon.wustl.edu 671
                        gopher ecix.doc.gov            [US Commerce Department]

  -Economics Resources  http://econwpa.wustl.edu/EconFAQ/EconFAQ.html

  -Enterprise Develop.  http://www.fed.org/fed/
    offers: Equity compensation, employee involvement, business strategies.

  -Financal Info.       http://www.finweb.com/                         [FINWeb]
    offers: Financial economics WWW servers.
                        http://www.streetlink.com/                 [StreetLink]
    offers: Corporate Financial Reports

  -Internet Biz Center  http://www.tig.com/IBC/index.html
    offers:  WWW for information specifically related to biz use of the 'net. 

  -Int'l Trade Info.    telnet itis.bus.utexas.edu 
    (Login: bulk1 Password: tradeinfo)

  -IRS                  http://www.irs.ustreas.gov/
    offers: Tax FAQs, forms and instructions, where to file.

  -Mutual Funds         http://www.stockmaster.com/                    [Charts]
    offers: Free Mutual Fund quotations direct from NASDAQ

  -Patent Searching     http://sunsite.unc.edu/patents/intropat.html
                        http://web.mit.edu/invent/        [Invention Dimension]

  -Personal Finance     http://nearnet.gnn.com/gnn/meta/finance/

  -Small Business Admin gopher www.sbaonline.sba.gov
    offers: Small Business Administration programs, services, and lists.

  -Stock Market Reports telnet a2i.rahul.net or telnet
    offers: Select n, "Menu: Current Info", then "Market Report" (Login: guest)
                        http://www.secapl.com/cgi-bin/qs         [Quote Server]
		        http://www.ai.mit.edu/stocks.html   [Experimental Data]
                        mail Martin.Wong@eng.sun.com to receive daily quotes
  -Vienna Stock Exchange telnet fiivs01.tu-graz.ac.at  (Login: BOERSE)

  -Stock Market Simul.  telnet castor.tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de (Logn: games)
		        telnet mammon.media.mit.edu 10900

  -Wall Street News     http://Wall-Street-News.com/forecasts/index.html
                        http://www.netgate.net/~forecast/     [Stock Forecasts]

 -CARL                  telnet pac.carl.org or
   offers: Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery service.

  -Chemistry            gopher acsinfo.acs.org      [American Chemical Society]
    offers: Virtual Library of Chemistry
                        http://www.latrobe.edu.au/chejs/chem.html [WebChemstry]

  -Periodic Table       telnet camms2.caos.kun.nl 2034 or 2034
    offers: electronic periodic table of elements.

 *COLLEGE PREP-----------------------------------------------------------------
  -College Prep Pages    http://www.tpoint.net/~jewels/college.html
                         http://www.tgslc.org/        [Adventures in Education]
    offers: Collection of resources for planning your education.

  -Princeton Review      gopher www.review.com or http://www.review.com/
    offers: Resource on test preparation, admissions info, school profiles.

 -COMMUNICATION        http://www.uark.edu/depts/comminfo/www/ACA.html
   offers: American Communication Association.
                       gopher cios.llc.rpi.edu                [ComServe Gopher]

  -Amiga User Area      gopher gopher.unomaha.edu (Select UNO Student Org...)
    offers: Lots of useful information for Amiga owners.

  -Computer Events Dir. http://www.kweb.com/  

  -Internet Tools       http://www.ensta.fr/internet/internet.html
                        http://www.justwebit.com/    [Ramsey's Internet Toolbox]

  -Internet Providers   http://thelist.com/

  -Macintosh            telnet amdalinz.edvz.uni-linz.ac.at or
    offers: Austrian Mac group.  UserID/Password (hit return).
                        http://power.globalnews.com/ppchome.htm [Power PC News]
    offes: The Well-Connected Mac Server

  -PC Magazine          http://www.ziff.com/~pcmag/               [PC Magazine]
    offers: Extensive info that relates to the personal computer.

  -Programming          http://www.iftech.com/iti/itioltc.htm [C/C++ Tutorials]
  -Screen Saver Zone    http://www.pcdynamics.com/saverzone/

  -Shareware Search     http://vsl.cnet.com/
    offers: Search and download nearly 40,000 programs

  -Software Exchange    http://www.hyperion.com/usox/
    offers: Buy and sell used software for almost any platform.

  -Unix Reference Desk  http://www.eecs.nwu.edu/unix.html

  -Windows (3.1/95)     http://coyote.csusm.edu/cwis/winworld/winworld.html
                        http://www.pcwin.com/     [Randy's Windows95 Resources]

  -AT&T 800 Number Dir. http://att.net/dir800
  -ALLDATA              gopher  or http://www.alldata.tsb.com/
    offers: Car recall and technical service bulletins

  -Catalog Mart         gopher catalog.savvy.com or http://catalog.savvy.com/
    offers: 10,000 catalogs you can order FREE, covering over 800 topics.

  -Classified Ads       http://www.imall.com/ads/ads.shtml
    offers: Posting and browsing ads for free.

  -Consumer News/Info   http://www.gsa.gov/       [Consumer Information Center]
                        http://www.consumerworld.org/           [Consumer World]

  -Commerc. Sites Index http://www.directory.net/
                        http://www.europages.com/                    [EuroPages]

  -Fido Shopping Dog    http://www.continuumsi.com/cgi-bin/Fido/Welcome

  -Internet Mall        finger taylor@netcom.com /ftp ftp.netcom.com/pub
    offers: List of commercial products online, from CDs to Sunglasses.

 -CRIMINAL JUSTICE      gopher ncjrs.aspensys.com 71
   offers: National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)

 -DANCE               http://www.cs.fsu.edu/projects/summer94/group4/dance.html

 -DataBase Via Finger   finger help@dir.su.oz.au
   offers: Query databases, find newsgroups, access archie, etc., via finger.

 -DICTIONARIES/THESAUR  http://wombat.doc.ic.ac.uk/
                        mail wsmith@wordsmith.org        (w/ subject: help)
   offers: Dictionary/Spelling service.  Type "HELP" for info.  (ALL CAPS!)

  -Celebrity Lectures   gopher web.msu.edu (Select: About MSU | MSU Celeb..)

  -Child/Family Network http://www.cfin.org/       

  -Dewey School of Ed   http://ics.soe.umich.edu/
    offers: Facilitates communications among students worldwide.

  -Distance Ed. Dbase   telnet ndlc.occ.uky.edu or (Login: ndlc)
                        telnet acsvax.open.ac.uk or telnet
    (Username: ICDL  Account Code: usa  Password: aaa)

  -Education Gophers    gopher schoolnet.carleton.ca        [Canadas SchoolNet]
                        gopher gopher.ed.gov          [U.S. Dept. of Education]
                        gopher chronicle.merit.edu   [Chronicle of Higher Edu.]
                        gopher gaia.sci-ed.fit.edu   [Florida Tech Edu. Gopher]
                        gopher informns.k12.mn.us  [Internet for Minn. Schools]
                        gopher goldmine.cde.ca.gov   [California Dept. of Edu.]
                        gopher gopher.ed.uiuc.edu  [UIUC: College of Education]
                        gopher info.asu.edu (ASU-CWI | Col. of Ed | Other...)
     Empire Schoolhouse gopher nysernet.org or gopher
    offers: K-12 resources, discussion groups, etc.   (Also see: Econ. BBS)

  -FEDIX/MOLIS/HERO     telnet fedix.fie.com or telnet
    offers: info. on scholarships, minority assistance, etc.

  -IKE                  gopher/http ike.engr.washington.edu 
    offers: IBM Kiosk for Education User Discussion Forums.

  -Internat'l Ed. BBS   telnet nis.calstate.edu or telnet
    offers: Program listings, resources, government information. (Login: intl)

  -Internet Public Lib. http://ipl.sils.umich.edu/

  -K-12 Outpost         gopher k12.cnidr.org or gopher
    offers: Collection of what's out there for K-12.

  -K-12 Resources       http://edu-52.sfsu.edu/dit_home.html
                        http://cpsr.org/dox/links/educ.html     [CPSR Educator]
                        http://k12.cnidr.org:90/     [EdWeb K12 Resource Guide]
                        http://gsn.org/            [Global Schoolhouse Project]
                        http://www.electriciti.com/~rlakin/  [Teachers Info]
                        http://www.manymedia.com/show-n-tell/     [Show-n-Tell]
                        http://web66.coled.umn.edu/                    [Web 66]
                        http://www.capecod.net/Wixon/wixon.htm [Educator Guide]
    offers: Help K12 educators learn how to set up their own WWW pages

  -KidsCom              http://www.kidscom.com/
    offers: A communications playground for kids ages 8-14.

  -MathMagic!           http://forum.swarthmore.edu/mathmagic/what.html
    offers: problem-solving project w/ teams of students "talking" about math

  -Newton               telnet newton.dep.anl.gov or telnet
    offers: BBS for those teaching/studying sci., CS, math. (Login: bbs)

  -Plugged In           http://www.pluggedin.org/
    offers: educational opportunities to children from low-income communities.

  -QUERRI               telnet exnet.iastate.edu or telnet
    offers: Questions on Univ. Extension. Regional Research Info(Login: querri)

  -Schools via WWW      http://sendit.sendit.NoDak.edu/k12/
                        http://web66.coled.umn.edu/schools.html [Clickable Map]
                        http://www.sp.utoledo.edu/colleges.html      [Colleges]
		        http://www.sp.utoledo.edu/twoyrcol.html [2-Yr Colleges]

  -Teaching & Learning  http://tecfa.unige.ch/edu-ws94/ws.html
                        gopher access_eric.aspensys.com 74
 -EMPLOYMENT            gopher occ.com or http://www.occ.com/
                        mail occ-info@mail.msen.com
   offers: Jobs database, resume listing service, search by location/keyword
           H.E.A.R.T.   telnet career.com or telnet
   offers: Search for jobs by company, position, or state.
           MedSearch    gopher gopher.medsearch.com 9001
   offers: Free access to articles, free resume uploading, employer profiles.
                        gopher aps.acad-phy-sci.com [Acad. Physic. & Scientist]
                        http://www.adasmonline.com/      [Adams JobBank Online]
                        http://www.careermag.com/careermag/   [Career Magazine]
                        http://www.careermosaic.com/cm/         [Career Mosaic]
                        http://www.cweb.com/                       [Career Web]
                        http://www.collegegrad.com/        [College Job Hunter]
                        http://www.espan.com/  [Interactive Employment Network]
                        http://www.jobcenter.com/                    [JobCenter]
                        http://www.ct-jobs.com/pascale/          [Job Postings]
                        http://www.jobtrak.com/                       [JobTrak]
                        http://www.onramp.net/ron/  [Recruiters OnLine NetWork]
                        http://www.nationjob.com/           [NationJob Network]
                        http://www.jobweb.com/                  [The Job Board]

 -ENVIRONMENT           gopher gopher.econet.apc.org
                        gopher nceet.snre.umich.edu or telnet
                        gopher envirolink.org or http://envirolink.org/
   offers: Info. on current environment concerns, voting records, non-profits.
                        http://www.igc.apc.org/nrdc/  [Nat'l Resources Defense]
   offers: Virtual Library of Environmental Information

 -Finger via Telnet     telnet site 79  (example: telnet alpha2.csd.uwm.edu 79)
   "site" is the place you are fingering.  Once connected, type the username. 

  -Archie               telnet archie.sura.net or    [USA [MD]]
                        telnet archie.unl.edu or         [USA [NE]]
                        telnet archie.ans.net or        [USA [NY]]
                        telnet archie.rutgers.edu or     [USA [NJ]]
   offers: Searches all ftp sites for any program you want.  (Login: archie)
    Recommended get client from: ftp ftp.cs.mcgill.ca  (cd /pub/archie/clients)

  -Archie Mail Servers  mail archie@<INSERT ONE OF ABOVE ADDRESSES HERE>
   Subject: help  offers: alterative Archie access to those w/o ftp or telnet.

  -FTP via EMail        mail ftpmail@ftpmail.ramona.vix.com
			mail ftpmail@cs.uow.edu.au
                        mail bitftp@pucc.princeton.edu 
                        mail bitftp@dearn or to bitftp@vm.gmd.de (Europe only)
                        mail ftpmail@ftp.uni-stuttgart.de
                        mail bitftp@plearn.edu.pl or bitftp@plearn (Europe)
                        mail ftpmail@doc.ic.ac.uk or ftpmail@sunsite.unc.edu 
    Body-of-letter: help or ftplist for a list of anon. ftp sites.

  -FTP Sites/Archives   ftp ftp.ocf.berkeley.edu or ftp
    offers: cd /pub/Library for great lib. of docs, bible, lyrics, etc.
                        ftp wuarchive.wustl.edu or ftp sunset.cse.nau.edu
    offers: Gifs, Sights, & Sounds!
                        ftp ftp.uu.net or ftp rtfm.mit.edu
    offers: You name it, it's here! (Archives, FAQs, how-to's, etc.)
                        ftp archive.umich.edu or sumex-aim.stanford.edu
    offers: Software for MS-Dos computers, Mac, Amiga, Apple2, Apollo...
                        ftp oak.oakland.edu     
    offers: A huge software archive for PCs and UNIX.
                        ftp ftp.sura.net (/pub/nic) or ftp quartz.rutgers.edu
    offers: How-to's about internet (email, ftp, telnet, etc.) (/pub/internet)
                        ftp quartz.rutgers.edu or ftp cathouse.org
    offers: All the text/humor files you'd want (tv, sex..) cd pub/humor
  -Recommended get NcFTP client from: cse.unl.edu (cd /pub/mgleason/ncftp)

  -FTP via Telnet       telnet grind.isca.uiowa.edu or telnet
    offers: Access UIowa's huge FTP site via telnet!

  -Backgammon Servers   telnet fraggel65.mdstud.chalmers.se 4321 (Login: guest)

  -Build-A-Card         http://holodeck.infopages.com/card/

  -Chat Clients         ftp ftp.santafe.edu      (4M Chat Service: /pub/SIG/4m)
                        ftp cs-ftp.bu.edu  (cd /irc/clients   ICB: cd /irc/icb)
    Get chat client program from ftp sites, compile program (make) and execute.
  -Chat Servers - IRC   telnet exuokmax.ecn.uoknor.edu 6677 or
                        telnet wildcat.ecn.uoknor.edu 6677
                        telnet wildcat.ecn.uoknor.edu 7766
                        telnet skywarrior.ecn.uoknor.edu 7766
                        telnet skyhawk.ecn.uoknor.edu 7766
                        telnet skyraider.ecn.uoknor.edu 7766
                        telnet intruder.ecn.uoknor.edu 7766
                        telnet caen.fr.eu.undernet.org 6677 or
                        telnet caen.fr.eu.undernet.org 7766 (For dumb terminal)
                        telnet obelix.wu-wien.ac.at 6996 or 6996
                        telnet irc.tuzvo.sk 6667 or telnet 6667
                        telnet irc.cis.vutbr.cz 6667
                        telnet irc.nsysu.edu.tw (Login: irc)
    TRY compiling own client rather than using these. (See above) (Login: irc)

  -Chat Services        telnet english-www.hss.cmu.edu
                        telnet explorer.clark.net 1420
      Virtual Cafe      telnet simpsons.acs.nmu.edu 1420
      Somewhere Else    telnet 2010
      FootHills         telnet toybox.infomagic.com 2010 or 2010
      Underworld        telnet dismayl.demon.co.uk 2010 or 2010
      The Coffee House  telnet 2525
      Olohof's BBS      telnet olohof.et.tudelft.nl or telnet
      Clover Gardens    telnet 3000
      DS9               telnet 3000
      Forest            telnet ftoomsh.socs.uts.edu.au 3000 or 3000
      Surfers           telnet 3232
      Mansion II        telnet 4000
      Elec. Night Club  telnet 4001 (Evenings Only)
      Vineyard          telnet end2.bedrock.com 4242 or 4242
      Mu Mu Land        telnet cronus.oanet.com 4321
      Theatre           telnet acad.stedwards.edu 4444
      Club House        telnet mead.eelab.newpaltz.edu 5000 or 5000
      CyberEden         telnet 5000 
      Multiple Worlds   telnet lintilla.df.lth.se 5000 or telnet
                        telnet islandnet.com 7000 or 7000
      Dragon's Lair 7777
      Davenport Beach   telnet 7777
      The Tower         telnet tower.press.southern.edu 8008 or
      Greenfield        telnet mary.iia.org 12345 or 12345
      Gwynedd           telnet mathlab.sunysb.edu 12345

  -Chess Servers        telnet eics.daimi.aau.dk 5000 or 5000
                        telnet ics.onenet.net 5000 or 5000
                        telnet chess.unix-ag.uni-kl.de 5000
                        telnet chess.mds.mdh.se 5000 or

  -Chinese Chess        telnet coolidge.harvard.edu 5555 or 5555

  -Comics on the Web    http://www.yahoo.com/yahoo/Entertainment/Comics/

  -Crossword Server     telnet eel.st.usm.edu 7777 or 7777
                        http://iquest.com/~pinnacle/index.html [Daily Crosswrd]
    offers: Internet server devoted to crossword games such as Scrabble.

  -Diplomacy            mail brad@cfar.umd.edu w/subj "openings list" for list
    offers: Lists openings in email games of Avalon Hill's Diplomacy.

  -Dream Analysis       http://os2.iafrica.com/dreamnet/index.htm

  -Fingers for Fun      finger info or drink or graph@drink.csh.rit.edu
                        finger coke@cs.cmu.edu or finger coke@xcf.berkeley.edu
                        finger pepsi or cocacola@columbia.edu
                        finger coke@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
    offers: Status of drink and candy machines for fun.
                        finger cyndiw@magnus1.com or cyndiw@
    offers: Weekly Trivia

  -Games Domain         http://www.gamesdomain.co.uk/
    offers: FAQs, walk-throughs, magazines, reviews, and FTP sites.

  -Game Server          telnet herx1.tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
    offers: Tetris, Moria, Nethack, MUDs, Text Adventures, etc.  (Login: games)

  -GO Server            telnet igs.nuri.net 6969

  -Humor Archives       http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~nathan/humor.html 

  -MUD Connector        http://www.mudconnect.com/

  -Multi-Trek           telnet mtrek.com
                        telnet mtrek.hal.com 2112
                        telnet mtrek.omega.com 2112
  -Wheel of Fortune     http://www.wheelfortune.com/

 -GENERATION X          http:/www.yazone.com/
   offers: Popular culture, music, fads, chat, and relevant conversation.

  -A. Wegener Institute http://www.awi-bremerhaven.de/ 
    offers: Polar and Marine Research info, including ozone info.

  -Ask-A-Geologist      mail ask-a-geologist@octopus.wr.usgs.gov
    offers: Mail the geologist of the day who will reply to within a day or 2

  -Earthquake Info.     finger spyder@dmc.iris.washington.edu           [WORLD]
                        finger quake@gldfs.cr.usgs.gov          [UNITED STATES]
                        finger quake@seismo.emr.ca                     [CANADA]
                        finger quake@geophys.washington.edu     [Wash., Oregon]
                        finger quake@fm.gi.alaska.edu                  [Alaska]
                        finger quake@scec.gps.caltech.edu     [Southern Calif.]
                        finger quake@seismo.unr.edu     [Nevada and Eastern CA]
                        finger quake@andreas.wr.usgs.gov  [Northern California]
                        finger quake@eqinfo.seis.utah.edu [Utah, Wyo., Montana]
                        finger quake@tako.wr.usgs.gov                  [Hawaii]
                        telnet geophys.washington.edu (Login/password: quake)
                        telnet bison.cc.buffalo.edu (select INDX 4 Bib. server)
    offers: Recent quake info (location, time, magnitude, etc.)

  -Geographic Server    telnet martini.eecs.umich.edu 3000 or 3000
    offers: Info by city or area code (Population, Lat./Long., Elevation, etc).

  -Geological Gopher    gopher info.er.usgs.gov
    offers: US Geological Survey Gopher

  -Geoscience           http://www.geo.nsf.gov/

  -Global Land Info Sys telnet glis.cr.usgs.gov or telnet
    offers:Land use maps of U.S., graphs/data of geological info (Login: guest)

  -IITA                 http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/IITA/iita1.html
    offers: Geography and Wather education info from NASA.

  -U.S. Geo. Survey     http://www.usgs.gov/

  -Gopher Sites         telnet consultant.micro.umn.edu or telnet
                        telnet infoslug.ucsc.edu or   [INFOSLUG]
                        telnet infopath.ucsd.edu              (Login: infopath)
    offers: Telnet-able access to the great gopher tool.  (Login: gopher)
    Recommended get client from: ftp boombox.micro.umn.edu  (cd /pub/gopher)

  -Gopher Greats        gopher english-server.hss.cmu.edu
    offers: Most comprehensive gopher I've seen so far, it gets its own entry!

  -GopherMail           mail gophermail@ncc.go.jp or gophermail@calvin.edu
                        mail gopher@solaris.ims.ac.jp or mail gopher@earn.net
    offers: Email access to gopher for those with mail-only access to Internet

  -ACE                  mail info@ace.esusda.gov w/ "send help" in body of msg
                        gopher ace.esusda.gov and Choose: Americans Comm...
    offers: Americans Communicating Electronically.  (Gov't documents)

  -Air Pollution BBS    telnet ttnbbs.rtpnc.epa.gov or telnet
    offers: Various BBS' that cover a wide range of Air Pollution information

  -American Politics    http://www.polisci.nwu.edu/
    offers: Campaigns, speeches, state info, branch info, political parties.

  -Census Information   gopher gopher.census.gov
    offers: Access to U.S. government's census information.

  -Clinton Watch        gopher dolphin.gulf.net 3000
    offers: Info. on Clinton's policies and scandals.

  -Congress Email/FTP   mail congress@hr.house.gov and ftp ftp.senate.gov
		        gopher gopher.house.gov

  -C-SPAN Gopher        gopher c-span.org
    offers: Great political, educational, and historical information.

  -DOSFAN               gopher dosfan.lib.uic.edu
    offers: US Dept. of State Foreign Affairs Network

  -Federal GPO BBS      telnet federal.bbs.gpo.gov 3001 or 3001
    offers: BBS with lots of gov't and congressional files.
                        tn3270 pucc.princeton.edu
    Tab to COMMAND field, enter "folio", enter "select", enter item # for GPO

  -FedWorld Gateway     http://www.fedworld.com/
    offers: Access to lots of gov't databases, files, libraries, etc.

  -GOP Online           http://www.gop.org/
    offers: National, state, and local US Republican Information

  -Gov't Agencies/Depts http://www.law.vill.edu/fed-agency/fedwebloc.html 
    offers: The Federal Web Locator.  One stop point for federal gov't info.
                        gopher wiretap.spies.com
                        http://www.aclu.org/   [American Civil Liberties Union]
                        gopher stats.bls.gov       [Bureau of Labor Statistics]
                        gopher cpsc.gov    [Consumer Product Safety Commission]
                        http://www.dtic.dla.mil/defenselink/ [Dept. of Defense]
                        http://www.eren.doe.gov/         [Department of Energy]
                        gopher gopher.usdoj.gov         [Department of Justice]
                        gopher gopher.epa.gov [Environmental Protection Agency]
                        gopher fcc.gov      [Federal Communications Commission]
		        gopher gopher.financenet.gov               [FinanceNet]
                        http://www.nalusda.gov/fnic/    [Food & Nutrition Info]
                        gopher gopher.gsa.gov [General Services Administration]
                        gopher gopher.os.dhhs.gov     [Health & Human Services]
                        gopher gopher.hud.gov   [Housing and Urban Development]
                        http://www.edgar-online.com/                [SEC EDGAR]
                        http://www.nara.gov/      [National Archives & Records]
                        gopher ntiaunix1.ntia.doc.gov  [Nat'l Info. Infrastrc.]
                        http://www.nps.gov/             [National Park Service]
                        gopher gopher.stat-usa.gov   [National Trade Data Bank]
                        http://www.osha.gov/ [Occupational Safety & Health Ad.]
                        gopher quasar.tach.net   [...also has OSHA information]
                        gopher dewey.tis.inel.gov 2013      [Safety and Health]
                        gopher gopher.ssa.gov          [Social Security Gopher]

  -Iowa Polit. Stk Mkt  telnet iem.biz.uiowa.edu or
    offers: Buy & sell shares in political candidates and other stuff.
  -Israel Info. Service gopher israel-info.gov.il
    offers: Latest developments in Israel, gov't info., peace relations, maps.
  -Legislative Info     gopher gopher.legislate.com
                        telnet thomas.loc.gov or (Login: thomas)
    offers: Info. about all 103rd Congress bills & resolutions, & Fed. Register

  -Libertarian Web      http://w3.ag.uiuc.edu/liberty/libweb.html 

  -Library of Congress  telnet locis.loc.gov or telnet
    offers: Library of Congress Information System (LOCIS) Offers access 
            to lib. of congress, legislative info, and copyright info.
                        telnet/gopher marvel.loc.gov or telnet
    offers: LOC gopher, with access to lots of gov't docs. (Login: marvel)

  -Local Goverment      http://www.piperinfo.com/~piper/state/states.html

  -Political Science    http://www.trincoll.edu/pols/home.html
    offers: The Political Scientist's Guide to the Internet.

  -Project Vote Smart   gopher gopher.neu.edu 1112
    offers: Enormous system of factual information on over 2,000 candidates.

  -State Info. Highway  gopher info.texas.gov or gopher 
    offers: Info. about Texas, but access to other state's information too!

  -Telecommunications   telnet ntiabbs.ntia.doc.gov or telnet
    offers: National Telecommunications & Information Administration BBS.
                        gopher bell.com
                        gopher unix5.nysed.gov
    offers: Office of Telecommunications Policy Analysis and Development.

  -White House Releases mail Clinton-Info@Campaign92.Org with the subject: Help
                        http://www.whitehouse.gov/      [White House tour, etc]
    offers: Subscribe to White House press releases (news, speeches, etc.)

  -White House Summary  mail majordomo@reeusda.gov(in msg: subscribe wh-summary)
                        http://www.tamu.edu/whitehouse/             [Archives]
    offers: Daily mailing of summary of White House press releases.

  -Window on Gov't      telnet window.texas.gov or telnet
    offers: Government-related info, and lots of info on state of Texas.

 -HAM RADIO             mail info@arrl.org / ftp oak.oakland.edu (pub/hamradio)
                        http://www.acs.ncsu.edu/HamRadio/ [Radio WWW Server]
   offers: Ascii files about Amateur Radio and electronics. See also: Shortwave
   In Body of letter: help, info, send <filename> or quit (ie send prospect)

 -Ham Radio Callbooks   telnet callsign.cs.buffalo.edu 2000 / 2000
   offers: National ham radio call-sign callbook.  (Also: Amateur Radio above)

 -HISTORY               telnet ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu or telnet
   offers:  History databases (Login: history) and CIS info (Login: ex-ussr)
                        ftp byrd.mu.wvnet.edu / ftp
   offers: Docs, archives, comprehensive history server.
   offers: The Historical Text Archive at Mississippi State University

 -HOBBIES               http://www.cs.fsu.edu/projects/group12/hobbies.html

 -HP Calculator BBS     http://hpcvbbs.cv.external.hp.com/index.html    
   offers:  BBS for HP Calc. users, with chat mode.  

 -HYTELNET              telnet access.usask.ca or telnet
   offers: univ. & library catalogues around the world. (Login: hytelnet)
    Recommended get client from: ftp ftp.usask.ca  (cd /pub/hytelnet)

 -IEEE SPAsystem        http://stdsbbs.ieee.org/ or telnet stdsbbs.ieee.org 
   offers: Standards Process Automation System.  (Login: guest)

 -INTERNET              gopher una.hh.lib.umich.edu (Select: inetdirs)

 -InterNIC              telnet rs.internic.net or telnet
   offers: Gopher, WAIS, Whois, finger, TONS of Internet info, book orders, etc

 -IP Address Resolver   mail resolve@cs.widener.edu
                        mail dns@grasp.insa-lyon.fr  (body of letter: help)
   usage: in body-of-letter: site <address here>  Mails you IP address of site.

  -Law Enforcement      http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/1814/ira.html

  -Law Servers          telnet fatty.LAW.cornell.edu or telnet
                        telnet gopher.LAW.csuohio.edu or telnet
                        gopher gopher.droit.umontreal.ca             [Canadian]
                        gopher gopher.usdoj.gov    [U.S. Department of Justice]
    offers: Law info. via gopher.  (Login: gopher)
                        http://www.counsel.com/lawlinks              [LAWlinks]
                        http://lawlinks.com/                         [LawLinks]
    offers: Legal Resource Network, list of available resources.

  -Law Library          telnet liberty.uc.wlu.edu or telnet 
                        ftp sulaw.law.su.oz.au (cd /pub/law)
    offers: Law libraries and legal research. (Login/password: lawlib)
            Offers copies of laws for each state/computer laws, and more!
                        telnet lawlib.wuacc.edu or telnet
    offers: American Association of Law Libraries Info. System (Login: aallnet)

  -Law Resources Lists  ftp ftp.midnight.com (get /pub/LegalList/legallist.txt)
                        http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~juris/ [Legal Resource Guide]
                        http://www.castle.net/~amb4/w3law.htm    [W3 Lawyer]

  -LawNet               telnet lawnet.law.columbia.edu or telnet
    offers: Law/Judicial info and catalogs access.  (Login: lawnet)

  -Legal Directories    http://www.lawyerlink.com/              [Attorney Link]
                        http://www.hg.org/                       [Hieros Gamos]
                        http://www.lawforum.net/                    [Law Forum]
    offers:  Biographical info. on over 500,000 attorneys & law firms in USA.

  -Practicing Attorneys http://users.aimnet.com/~ils/main.html
    offers: Resources for attorneys needed on a daily basis.

  -Supreme Court Rulings ftp ftp.cwru.edu
    offers: ASCII files of Supreme Court rulings in directory /hermes

  -WWW Law Servers      telnet www.LAW.indiana.edu or telnet
                        telnet fatty.LAW.cornell.edu or telnet
                        telnet law.wuacc.edu       [Law Library Reference Desk]
    offers: Hypertext access to legal documents (Login: www)

 -LIBRARY SERVICES      gopher tcsul.texshare.utexas.edu (select Lib. Services)
   offers: Comprehensive gopher of gov't services, lib. catalogs, etc.
                        telnet alix.loc.gov 3001 or telnet 3001
   offers: ALIX: Automated Library Information Xchange. 

 -LIBS                  telnet info.anu.edu.au or telnet
                        telnet garam.kreonet.re.kr or (Login: nic)
                        telnet cc.utah.edu or telnet
   offers: Access to nearly all online services seen in this list (Login: LIBS)

 -List of Listservs     ftp crvax.sri.com or ftp
   offers: List of interest groups/email lists in interest-groups.

  -Alex                 gopher gopher.ox.ac.uk or telnet rsl.ox.ac.uk
    offers: Catalogue of all texts (Select: World | Gopherspace | Alex)

  -Amer. Verse Project  http://www.hti.umich.edu/english/amverse/

  -Dartmouth Library    telnet library.dartmouth.edu or
    offers: Divine Comedy and reviews.                 (connect dante)
           Read/Find passages in the King James Bible  (select file bible)
           Read/Find passages in Shakespeare's plays   (select file s plays)
           Read/Find passages in Shakespeare's sonnets (select file s sonnets)

  -French Lang/.Lit.    http://tuna.uchicago.edu/ARTFL.html

  -Human-Languages Page http://www.willamette.edu/~tjones/Language-Page.html
    offers: German-to-English and vice-versa dictionary, Japanese lessons, etc

  -Leeds Db of Verse    telnet bcmsv.leeds.ac.uk or telnet
    offers: Database of Eng. poetry in the 17/18th c. (Login/Password: bcmsv)

  -Online Book Initiat. ftp ftp.uu.net or ftp://ftp.std.com/obi
    offers: Contains over two hundred authors' works. (cd doc/literary/obi)

  -Poetry Archives      http://sunsite.unc.edu/dykki/poetry/home.html

  -Project Gutenberg    ftp mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu or ftp
    offers: Many books in print and almanac files.   (cd pub/etext)
  -Science Fiction      http://thule.mt.cs.cmu.edu:8001/sf-clearing-house/
    offers: Speculative Fiction Clearinghouse has pointers to sci-fi & fantasy

   -E-Math              telnet e-math.ams.com or
     offers: Am. Math. Soc. bbs w/ software & reviews. (Login/Password: e-math)

   -GAMS                telnet gams.nist.gov or telnet
     offers:  NIST Guide to Available Mathematical Software. (Login: gams)

   -Math Answers        mail dr.math@forum.swarthmore.edu
     offers: The 'Math Swat Team' will answer your K-12 math questions.

   -Math Servers        gopher archives.math.utk.edu
     offers: Math archives (software, teaching materials, other gophers)
		        gopher gopher.maa.org          [Math Assoc. of America]

   -Math Journals       http://nyjm.albany.edu:8000/mathjours.html

   -Math Topics         http://euclid.math.fsu.edu/Science/math.html

   -NetLib              mail netlib@ornl.gov or mail netlib@uunet.uu.net
     offers: Math (usually Fortran) prgms via email Body-of-letter: send index

   -Sequence Server     mail sequences@research.att.com
     say: lookup <sequence>  Example: lookup 4 9 16 25 36

   -StatLib Server      mail statlib@lib.stat.cmu.edu
     Mail with line: send index  offers: Prgs, datasets, etc. for statisticians

  -AIDS Information     gopher odie.niaid.nih.gov
                        http://aspin.asu.edu/~jvagner/aids/    [AIDS Authority]
		        gopher cdcnac.aspensys.com 72      [AIDS Clearinghouse]
                        gopher gopher.hivnet.org                       [HIVNET]
    See Also: FDA BBS, Health Gopher, Queer Resource Directory, CHAT.
                        http://patents.cnidr.org/         [AIDS Patent Project]
                        http://www.teleport.com/~celinec/aids.shtml [Resources]
    offers: Rethinking AIDS Journal archives online.
  -Anesthesiology       gopher gasnet.med.nyu.edu                      [GASNET]
                        http://www.txdirect.net/users/jcusick/asarc/      [ASA]
    offers: Lots of medical info, archives, and positions, neuroanesthesia.

  -Cancer Info.         mail cancernet@icicb.nci.nih.gov 
    offers: Cancer info. statements thru email. Body-of-letter: help or spanish
                        gopher gopher.nih.gov  (Health & Clinical Information/)
                        telnet gopher gan.ncc.go.jp             (Login: gopher)
                        http://www.oncolink.upenn.edu/     [Oncology Resources]
                        gopher nysernet.org       [Breast Cancer ClearingHouse]
                        telnet txcancer.mda.uth.tmc.edu or telnet
    offers: Texas Cancer Data Center.  (Login: TCDC)

  -CHAT                 telnet debra.dgbt.doc.ca 3000 or 3000
    offers: Interactive AIDS & Epilepsy docs, simulated conversations.

  -Child Health Policy  gopher Mchnet.ichp.ufl.edu
    offers: Health, nutrition, education, family issues, book reviews, etc.

  -Death                http://www.islandnet.com/~deathnet           [DeathNet]
    offers: Death, end of life issues, living wills, euthanasia, etc.

  -Disability & Rehab.  gopher disserv.stu.umn.edu          [Disability Gopher]
		        gopher trace.waisman.wisc.edu
    offers: Great page of disability and rehab. info. (Select Other...)
		        gopher vienna.hh.lib.umich.edu
    offers: Select Social Issues & Social Services, then Disability...
                        gopher hawking.u.washington.edu
    offers: Access to the DO-IT Program, and Disability-Related Resources
                        gopher val-dor.cc.buffalo.edu
    offers: CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information
                        gopher dixson.slnsw.gov.au         [Deafness Resources]
    offers: Resources for the Disabled

  -Drug Index (GenRx)   http://www.icsi.net/GenRx/          [Physician's GenRx]

  -Health               gopher/http healthline.umt.edu 700
    offers: Drug & alcohol info, sexuality/AIDS info, etc. (Login: health)
    offers: Balance is a monthly health, fitness and lifestyle magazine. 
		        gopher gopher.health.state.ny.us
    offers: Info. on communicable diseases, consumer health info., etc.
    offers: Public Health Information Guide, links to many health resources.
    offers: Internet Health and Fitness Resources.
		        http://www.achoo.com/                [Healthcare links]

  -HungerWeb            http://www.hunger.brown.edu/hungerweb
    offers: devoted to hunger and poverty crises, and developing nations.

  -Interactive Patient  http://medicus.marshall.edu/medicus.htm
  -Medical Gophers      gopher gopher.med.harvard.edu
    offers: Links to literature, databases, images, library services, tools.
                        gopher caldmed.med.miami.edu
    offers: Discipline and Disease Specific Sources...great library.

  -Medical Resources    http://cancer.med.upenn.edu:3000/   [Health Newsletter]
                        http://www.biostat.wisc.edu/homepage.html    [InfoLink]
                        http://medseek.com/                           [MedSeek]

  -MEDIC                http://hyrax.med.uth.tmc.edu/
    offers: Medical Education Information Center (MEDIC)

  -Nursing Gophers      gopher nightingale.con.utk.edu
                        gopher gopher.csv.warwick.ac.uk 10001
    offers: Nursing info on research, practice, education, publications, etc.

  -Opthalmology         http://www.eyenet.org/[American Acad. of Ophthalmology]

  -Pediatric            http://www.med.jhu.edu/peds/neonatology/poi.html

  -Pharmacy Resources
		        http://pharminfo.com/                    [PharmInfoNet]
                        http://www.mcc.ac.uk/pharmacy/               [PharmWeb]

  -Radiology            http://www.rad.washington.edu/ 
    offers: Access cases, online teaching modules, materials, and textbooks.
  -Recovery Resources   http://www.winternet.com/~terrym/sobriety.html

 -MILITARY              http://www.btg.com/janes/
   offers: Lookup aircraft and military technology from Jane's CD-ROM

 -MISSING CHILDREN      http://www.missingkids.org/

 -MUSEUMS               gopher ulkyvm.louisville.edu (Some Other... | Museums)
                        gopher ucmp1.berkeley.edu      [Museum of Paleontology]
                        gopher gopher.exploratorium.edu   [Explor. of Sci./Art]
                        http://www.mos.org/          [Boston Museum of Science]
                        http://www.exploratorium.edu/ [Exploraorium of Science]
                        http://www.bvis.uic.edu/museum/  [Field Muse. of Chic.]
                        http://sln.fi.edu/tfi  [Franklin Institute Sci. Museum]
                        http://www.kbt.com/gc         [Grand Canyon Nat'l Park]
                        http://www.nhm.ac.uk/   [London Museum of Nat. History]
                        http://cmp1.ucr.edu/            [Museum of Photography]
                        http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~norman/paris/       [Paris]
                        http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/scripts/JASON.html [Trips]
    offers: The Virtual Library of museums.

  -CD Databases/Clubs   http://www.inch.com/~jasonh/cdclubs/index.html
                        http://gemm.com/ or gopher/telnet gemm.com

  -Charts               http://www.hitsworld.com/                   [HitsWorld]

  -Concert Info         http://calendar.com/concerts/ 
    offers: Music events calendar that lists concerts by location.
    offers: Search for concerts by venue, city, state, or performer.

  -Guitar Chords/TAB    ftp ftp.nevada.edu or ftp 
    offers: Tablature/Chords for guitar in /pub/guitar. Also at ftp.uu.net

  -Lyric/Music Server   ftp archive.uwp.edu or ftp ftp.sunet.se
    offers: Lyrics, chords/tablature, and music pictures. (/pub/music/...)

  -Music Library        http://www.music.indiana.edu/

  -Music Newsletter     mail listserv@vm.marist.edu (internet) or 
                        mail listserv@marist (bitnet)
   Body-of-letter: SUBSCRIBE upnews <your full name>  offers: Reviews, intviews

  -Music on the Web     http://www.art.net/Links/musicref.html     [References]
    offers: WWW of Music, includes the Ultimate Band List

  -The Piano Page       http://www.prairienet.org/arts/ptg/homepage.html

  -Sound Databases      http://sunsite.sut.ac.jp/multimed/sounds/

  -Used Music Server    mail used-music-server@wang.com w/ subject: help
    offers: Users can buy/sell/trade CDs/LPs/Tapes or subscribe to the list.

  -Virtual Radio        http://www.microserve.net/vradio/
    offers: The latest in new music, downloadable in radio-quality format

  -Daily Sources        http://www.helsinki.fi/~lsaarine/news.html
    offers: Daily sources of business and economic news.
    offers: Omnivore, pointers to daily news and information.

  -Electronic Journals  gopher gopher.enews.com (Login: enews)
    offers: Access to MANY electronic journals (Select Elec. Serials)

  -Global Net. Navig.   http://gnn.com/gnn.html
    offers: O'Reilly's GNN, accessable with URL above via Mosaic or Lynx.

  -International News   http://www.cs.vu.nl/~gerben/news.html
                        http://www.iNewsRadio.com/inr/    [Internet News Radio]
                        http://cnn.com/                       [CNN Interactive]
    offers: CNN Headline News, European news and weather, Voice of America.
                        gopher gopher.nstn.ca 
    offers: CNN, Stock Reports, UPI Choose: Cybrary | Reading Room | Daily News
                        gopher cnd.org                      [China News Digest]
                        http://www.germannews.com/                 [German News]
                        http://newo.com/news                  [Newo World News]

  -Newsgroup Search     www.dejanews.com                            [Deja News]
    offers: quick serach for newsgroups articles by keyword.

  -Newspapers On-line   telnet kanga.ins.cwru.edu or
                        telnet yfn2.ysu.edu or (Login: visitor)
    offers: USA Today Headline News, Sports, etc. (Must be registered to use)
                        http://www.chicago.tribune.com/       [Chicago Tribune]
                        http://www.nytimes.com/                 [New York Times]
                        http://www.latimes.com/              [Los Angeles Times]
                        http://www.usatoday.com/                    [USA Today]
                        http://www.newslink.org/                 [WWW NewsLink]
    offers: Links to various on-line newspapers.

  -Russia/America News  telnet solar.rtd.utk.edu or telnet
    offers: Provides news, weather, geog., etc for each nation. (Login: friends)

  -Time, Inc.           http://www.timeinc.com/pathfinder/Greet.html
    offers: Articles from Time, Vibe, and Entertainment Weekly magazines.

 -Oracle                mail oracle@cs.indiana.edu  w/ subject: help
   offers: The Usenet Oracle answers all your questions! 

  -Outdoor Recreation   http://www.gorp.com/
    offers: Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

  -Park Search          http://www.llbean.com/parksearch/
    offers: Browse nearly 900 national parks and forests

  -Archive X            http://www.crown.net/X/
    offers: A series of Web pages devoted towards Paranormal Phenomena.

  -Astrology            http://www.realitycom.com/cybstars/stars.html
                        http://astrology.net/                    [Astrology.Net]

  -AwareNET             gopher awarenet.com
    offers: Sections on: Earth Changes, Edgar Cayce, UFOs, Spiritual Nature

  -UFO Archive          http://www.iinet.net.au/~bertino/alien.html

  -SPIRIT-WWW           http://zeta.cs.adfa.oz.au/Spirit.html
    offers: Sections on: UFOs, astrology, OBEs, yoga, channelings, and healing.

 -PERSONAL ADS          mail info@nook.com     (auto-replies with instructions)
                        http://www.apk.net/cupid/             [Cupid's Network]
                        http://www.match.com/                       [match.com]
		        http://wwa.com:1111/               [Virtual MeetMarket]
   offers: Classified personal ads for gay and straight community in the USA

 -PETS                  http://netvet.wustle.edu/                      [NetVet]                     [PetStation]

 -PHILOSOPHY            gopher apa.oxy.edu or gopher
   offers:  American Philosophy Association's BBS for philosophers.
                        http://power.stu.rpi.edu/~oms/org/  [Objectivism Guide]

  -Nuclear Data Center  telnet bnlnd2.dne.bnl.gov or telnet
    offers: National nuclear data.  (Login: nndc)

  -Particle Information http://pdg.lbl.gov/
    offers: Lookup information on any particle! 
    offers: Center for Particle Astrophysics

  -Physics              http://www.pppl.gov/        [Plasma Physics Laboratory]
                        gopher mentor.lanl.gov                     [Los Alamos]
                        gopher granta.uchicago.edu
                        gopher gopher.hep.net      [High Energy Physics Center]

 -PSYCHOLOGY            gopher panda1.uottawa.ca 4010
		        gopher gopher.hanover.edu (Select: Public | APS Dir.)
                        http://matia.stanford.edu/cogsci/    [Psychology Index]
                        http://psy.ucsd.edu/otherpsy.html         [Psych Pages]
                        http://www.gasou.edu/psychweb/psychweb.htm  [Psych Web]

 -Queer Resource Dir.   gopher gopher.qrd.org or ftp ftp.qrd.org (/pub/README)
   offers: AIDS info/gay rights info.  Home Page: http://www.qrd.org/QRD

 -RAILROADS             http://tucson.com/concor

 -RECIPES               ftp gatekeeper.dec.com  (cd pub/recipes)
                        ftp mthvax.cs.miami.edu (cd pub/recipes)
                        ftp ftp.neosoft.com     (cd pub/rec.food/recipes)
                        ftp cs.ubc.ca           (cd pub/local/RECIPES)

  -Anglicans Online     http://infomatch.com/~haibeck/anglican.html

  -Baha'i Faith         http://oneworld.wa.com/bahai/

  -Bhuddism             http://sunsite.unc.edu/dharma/defa.html

  -Christian Resources  mail YellowPageDir@XC.org
                        ftp iclnet93.iclnet.org 
    offers: List of WWW, FTP, emails (/pub/resources/christian-resources.txt)
                        http://www.christnet.org/         [Christnet Resources]
    offers: The Orthodox Christian Page.

  -Hinduism             http://WWW.tezcat.com/~bnaik/chinmiss.html

  -JewishNets           telnet www.huji.ac.il or telnet
                        gopher gopher.jer1.co.il                [Jerusalem One]
                        gopher lubavitch.chabad.org or gopher
                        gopher shamash.nysernet.org  (This also is WWW address)
                        http://www.jcn18.com/    [Jewish Communication Network]
    offers: WWW w/ info. on mailing lists, restaurants, etc. (Login: JEWISHNET)

  -Mormon Resources     http://www.primenet.com/~kitsonk/mormon.html

  -Muslim               http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/
    offers: Muslim Students Association Islamic Server

  -NY-Israel Gopher     gopher israel.nysernet.org 71
    offers: Jewish libraries, lists, projects, holocaust info, etc.

  -Religion on the Web  http://www.einet.net/galaxy/Humanities/Religion.html

 -SCIENCE               http://www.eskimo.com/~billb/amasci.html
                        http://www.hia.com/hia/pcr/ [Science Education Project]

 -SHORTWAVE RADIO       http://itre.ncsu.edu/radio/

 -SOCIAL SCIENCES       http://ssdc.ucsd.edu/            [UCSD Data Collection]
   offers: A collection of large numeric datafiles & programs 

  -Info/Software Server telnet rusinfo.rus.uni-stuttgart.de or
    offers: journals, unix stuff, recipes, online cookbook, etc. login: info

  -Software Server(ASK) telnet askhp.ask.uni-karlsruhe.de or
    offers:  On-line software search.  (Login/password: ask)

  -ZIB Electronic Libr. telnet elib.zib-berlin.de or telnet
    offers: Library of software, links to other libraries. (Login: elib)

  -Astro-2              http://astro-2.msfc.nasa.gov/
    offers: High-tech observatory flying for 16 days in the Space Shuttle 

  -CASS                 gopher cass.jsc.nasa.gov or gopher
    offers: Center for Advanced Space Studies. Catalogs, images, newsletters.

  -Europe Space Agency  http://www.esrin.esa.it/
    offers: Access ESA PID (Prototype Info Dir) & ESIS (Eur. Space Info System)

  -NASA Headline News   finger nasanews@space.mit.edu
    offers: Recent press releases from NASA. (See also: SpaceNews)

  -NASA SpaceLink       gopher spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov or gopher  
    offers: Latest NASA news, including shuttle launches and satellite updates.

  -NASDA                http://www.eoc.nasda.go.jp/
    offers: National Space Development Agency of Japan.

  -NED                  telnet ned.ipac.caltech.edu or telnet
    offers: NASA Extragalactic Database.  Bibbliographies, info. (Login: ned) 

  -SEDS Gopher/WWW      telnet/gopher seds.lpl.arizona.edu or
    offers: Images, software, satellite elements, etc. (Login: gopher or www)

  -SEEB                 http://satori2.lerc.nasa.gov/
    offers: Space Environment Effects Branch

  -Shuttle Payloads Prg gopher sspp.gsfc.nasa.gov
    offers: Information and images on shuttle small payloads programs.

  -SpaceNews            finger magliaco@pilot.njin.net
    offers: Weekly publication of space news. (See also: Nasa Headline News)

  -STInfo               telnet stinfo.hq.eso.org  Also: gopher stsci.edu
    offers: Reports about Hubble Telescope, press releases (Login: stinfo)

  -Baseball             http://www.nando.net/baseball/bbmain.html
                        http://www.fastball.com/                     [Fastball]
                        http://www2.pcy.mci.net/mlb/index.html           [@Bat]
    offers: Weekly updates of stats and archives of rec.sport.baseball.

  -Biking               gopher cycling.org / gopher [Cycling Gopher]
    offers: WWW page on Mountain Biking, info on trails, lists, shows.

  -Collegiate Nicknames         http://www.vaxu.org/college

  -Fishing              http://www.geo.mtu.edu/~jsuchosk/fish/fishpage

  -Football             ftp ftp.vnet.net  (cd /pub/football)
    offers: Info on arena, fantasy, pro, software for football fans.
    offers: Weekly schedules, team-by-team information.
                        http://www.cfl.ca/           [Canadian Football League]
    offers: College Football server

  -Golf                 http://www.golf.com/

  -Gymnastics           http://rainbow.rmii.com/~rachele/gymnhome.html

  -Hockey               http://maxwell.uhh.hawaii.edu/hockey/hockey.html

  -Karate               http://www.tenerten.com/tkdrpt/             [Taekwondo]

  -Olympics             http://www.linc.or.jp/Nagano/index.html [1998 Olympics]
                        http://www.mindspring.com/~royal/olympic.html    [1996]

  -Paddling Sports      http://www.recreation.com/paddling/
    offers: Info on canoeing, kayaking, and rafting.

  -Running              http://sunsite.unc.edu/drears/running/running.html
    offers: Races, marathons, training tips, magazines, clubs, etc.

  -Sailing              http://community.bellcore.com/mbr/sailing-page.html
    offers: FAQs, movies, mailing lists, sailing opportunities, texts, museums
                        http://www.ac95.org/                [America's Cup '95]

  -Scores/Standings     finger robc@xmission.com            [Baseball/Football]
                        finger jtchern@headcrash.berkeley.edu        [Baseball]
    offers: Baseball, football scores, standings, and next week's schedule.

  -Skateboarding        http://skateboard.com/

  -Skiing               http://diamond.sierra.net/SkiWeb/

  -Skydiving            http://www.cis.ufl.edu/skydive/

  -Soccer               http://www.atm.ch.cam.ac.uk/sports/

  -Sports on the Web    http://tns-www.lcs.mit.edu/vs/vssportsbrowser.html
                        http://espnet.sportszone.com/       [ESPNET SportsZone]
                        http://www.sportsline.com/             [SportsLine USA]
                        http://www.gospelcom.net/rbc/ss/      [Sports Spectrum]
                        http://www.sportsnetwork.com/      [The Sports Network]

  -Sports Schedules NBA:telnet culine.colorado.edu 859 / 859 
                   NHL: telnet culine.colorado.edu 860 / 860 
                   MLB: telnet culine.colorado.edu 862 / 862
                   NFL: telnet culine.colorado.edu 863 / 863
                        finger copi@oddjob.uchicago.edu for sports schedules
    offers: Schedules on-line.  'help' for help, 'return' for today's games
  -Stadiums & Arenas    http://www.wwcd.com/

  -Surfing              http://sailfish.peregrine.com/surf/surf.html

  -Tennis               http://www.tennisserver.com/
		        http://www.tenniscountry.com/          [Tennis Country]
                        http://www.xmission.com/~gastown/tennis/ [Tennis World]

  -Volleyball           http://www.cup.hp.com/~vball/

 *TELEVISION and MOVIES/TV and MOTION PICTURES---------------------------------
  -Media Yellow Pages   http://www.webcom.com/~nlnnet/yellowp.html

  -Movie Databases      mail movie@ibmpcug.co.uk with "HELP" in body of message
    offers: Info on actors, directors, movies, etc.

  -Movie Reviews        gopher ashpool.micro.umn.edu (Select: Fun | Movies)
    offers: Reviews for current video releases.

  -Movie/TV Studios     http://www.cbs.com/               [CBS' Eye on the Net]
                        http://www.discovery.com/        [The Discovery Channel]
                        http://www.disney.com/               [Disney & Studios]
    offers: View Disney, Touchstone, and Hollywood pictures movie previews.
                        http://www.mca.com/             [MCA/Universal Studios]
		        http://www.paramount.com/         [Star Trek/Paramount]
                        http://www.warnerbros.com/     [Warner Brothers Online]
                        http://www.movies.com/                 [Movie Previews]

  -Nielsen TV Ratings   gopher gopher.doc.ic.ac.uk
    Select: media | tv | collections | tardis | lists | nielsens | current

  -Satellite TV Info    http://itre.uncecs.edu/misc/images/images
    offers: Random satellite tv images.  Very interesting.

  -Theatre              http://www.thegroup.net/diana.htm     [Theatre Reviews]
		        http://www.fsz.bme.hu/opera/main.html    [Opera Server]
    offers: The Home Page of Theatre, links to many theatre places
    offers: Pages for playwrights and screenwriters.

  -TV & Movie FTP Site  ftp quartz.rutgers.edu  (cd /pub/tv+movies)

  -TV Guides            http://www.tvnet.com/ITVG/itvg.html          [TV Index]
                        http://www.tvnet.com/UTVL/utvl.html  [Ultimate TV List]
                        http://www.tv1.com/                               [TV1]
                        mail circulation@paperboy.com
    offers: write: subscribe <your_time_zone> and receive TV guides in email.

  -TV News Archive      gopher tvnews.vanderbilt.edu

  -TV Net               http://tvnet.com/TVnet.html
    offers: Retrieve info on cable and TV stations worldwide

  -Cities               http://www.city.net/                         [City Net]
                        http://www.azc.com/client/enn2/nitelife.htm [Nightlife]
                        http://isotropic.com/metro/scope.html      [Metroscope]
    offers: Info. on cities from around the world.

  -Subway Navigator     telnet/http metro.jussieu.fr 10000
    offers: Search subway routes of major cities, in French or English.

  -Traffic Watch        http://www.scubed.com:8001/caltrans/watch.html
    offers: Real-time traffic information for San Diego, CA, & USA freeways.

  -Train Schedules      gopher gwis.circ.gwu.edu (Select: General | Train...)
    offers: Current Amtrak train schedules for U.S.
    offers: Canadian Railway Information
    offers: Timetables to German railway stations & 4,000 other European cities
    offers: Cyberspace World Railroad Page, with Chicago Metra timetables, etc

  -Travel Info. Library http://rec-travel.digimark.net/    [Rec-Travel Library]

  -TravelWebs           http://www.travelweb.com/
    offers: Trip-planning information and hotel reservations.
                        http://www.biztravel.com/guide/     [Business Traveler]
                        http://travel.gpnet.com/                 [Going Places]
                        http://www.lonelyplanet.com.au/  [Lonely Planet Travel]
                        http://travelassist.com/                 [TravelASSIST]
                        http://www.travelhub.com/                   [TravelHUB]
                        http://www.vtourist.com/              [Virtual Tourist]

  -US Travel/Directions http://www.mapquest.com/                     [MapQuest]
                        http://www.std.com/NE/usatour.html  [Virtual Chevrolet]

 *USER LOOKUP SERVICES/WHOIS SERVICES------------------------------------------
  -Mail Srvr/Usr Lookup mail mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu
    in body of mail message: send usenet-addresses/[name searching for]

  -Netfind User Lookup  telnet bruno.cs.colorado.edu or telnet
    offers: Given a name and org./school, finds a user for you (login: netfind)

  -Okra                 http://okra.ucr.edu/okra/

  -WhoWhere             http://www.whowhere.com/

  -Whois Services       telnet rs.internic.net or telnet
                        mail service@rs.internic.net  (w/ subject: help  OR 
                         send RFC-xxxx.TXT, with xxxx being the RFC number)
                        telnet info.cnri.reston.va.us 185  (Knowbot Info Serv.)
                        telnet paradise.ulcc.ac.uk or  (Login: dua)
                        ftp sipb.mit.edu (pub/whois/whois-servers.list)
    offers: Way to find internet address given a keyword. To access type: whois

 -UUCP map entries by mail:  mail dns@grasp.insa-lyon.fr (body: help)
   usage: in body-of-letter: uucp uucp_site  Mails you UUCP map entry

 -WAIStation            telnet quake.think.com or telnet
                        telnet wais.com or telnet
                        telnet swais.cwis.uci.edu or 
                        telnet sunsite.unc.edu or telnet
                        telnet info.funet.fi or    (Login: info)
                        telnet wais.nis.garr.it or (Login: wais)
   offers: Wide Area Info. Service. (Login: swais)

  -Auroral/Solar Report finger aurora@solar.uleth.ca
                        finger solar@solar.uleth.ca
                        finger daily@solar.uleth.ca
    offers: Auroral activity warnings/watches/sightings, updated hourly.
            Solar = 3-Hourly solar & Geophysical report, daily is the daily one

  -Avalanche Forecast   mail snowfall@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk  with a blank message

  -Emergency Info.      telnet oes1.oes.ca.gov 5501 or 5501
    offers: State of Cali. - Governor's Office of Emergency Services
                        gopher vita.org
    offers: Disaster Information Center with disaster reports and data.
		        gopher hoshi.cic.sfu.ca 5555
    offers: Emergency Preparedness Information eXchange

  -Flood Gopher/Info    gopher cesgopher.ag.uiuc.edu 
                        telnet exnet.iastate.edu or telnet
    offers: Tons of files for coping with floods and hurricanes. (Login: flood)

  -NOAA                 gopher gopher.esdim.noaa.gov or telnet
    offers: Nat'l Oceanic and Atmos. Admin.  Lots of data!

  -Oceanography         gopher gopher.cms.udel.edu or http://www.cms.udel.edu/
    offers: OCEANIC Information Center
    offers: Index to oceanography WWW servers.
    offers: National Marine Fisheries Service

  -Tropicl Strm Forecst finger forecast@typhoon.atmos.colostate.edu
    offers: Seasonal forecast for Atl. Ocn. Also: finger forecast@

  -Weather Services     telnet downwind.sprl.umich.edu 3000 or 
                        http://www.weather.net/     [Freese-Notis Weather Page]
    offers: InterRAD/RainRAD + Commodities trade reports with weather
                        http://www.awc-kc.noaa.gov/spc/      [Storm Prediciton]
                        http://www.mit.edu:8001/usa.html      [WWW Weather Map]
                        http://cirrus.sprl.umich.edu/wxnet/        [WeatherNet]
                        http://www.nhes.com/             [World Climate Report]
                        http://www.wunderground.com/ [Weather Underground, Inc]
    offers: Live access to climate data

 -WOMENS' STUDIES       gopher peg.cwis.uci.edu 7000 (Choose Women's Studies..)
                        gopher path.net 8101                     [Women's Wire]
                        gopher gopher.weq.gov.bc.ca   [Women's Equality Gopher]
   offers: Web site offering Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
                        http://www.feminist.org/ [The Feminist Majority Online]
                        http://www.vix.com/menmag/            [M.E.N. Magazine]
                        http://now.org/now/   [National Organization for Women]
                        http://www.voiceofwomen.com/          [Voices of Women]
		        http://www.hypercity.com/hyp/wings.html  [Women's News]
                        http://www.women.com/                    [Women's Wire]

 -WORLD WIDE WEB        http://www.charm.net/~web/Vlib.html 
   offers: How to develop WWW pages, setting up servers, evolution of WWW.
   offers: Submit It!  Submit your web site to all the major WWW links.
                        http://www.nlightn.com/        [NlightN search utility]
   offers: Yahoo's List, the most comprehensive WWW list.
   offers: Starting Point for WWW exploration.
   offers: The Internet Sleuth is a collection of over 450 searchable indexes
                        http://www.newslinx.com/                [Daily Web News]

    NOTE: FOR FTP SITES, LOGIN AS anonymous, password is your email address.
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    document without the author's written consent.  Reproduction/distribution 
    without my permission IS ALLOWABLE so long as it is for NON-PROFIT purposes.
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