* SPECIAL INTERNET CONNECTIONS:    Last Update: 6/3/93 *
          * Compiled By:  Scott Yanoff -  yanoff@csd4.csd.uwm.edu *
* A + by an entry designates new entries/changes to the list since last update

* Finger yanoff@csd4.csd.uwm.edu to find ways to receive this list!

 -Agricultural Info.,   telnet psupen.psu.edu or telnet
   Family Issues,        PENpages (Login: Enter your two-letter state abbrev.)
   Food & Nutrition,    telnet caticsuf.csufresno.edu or telnet
   and Environment       CSU Freso ATI-NET                     (Login: super)
                        telnet eureka.clemson.edu or telnet
                         CUFAN (Clemson U Forestry & Ag. Net.) (Login:
                        ftp ftp.sura.net (get file pub/nic/agricultural.list,
                         it contains agricultural email lists & services.)
   offers: Agricultural info (livestock reports, current market prices, etc.)

 +Almanac (Daily)       finger almanac@halcyon.halcyon.com
   offers: Notable birthdays, events in history, and planetary events.

 -Almanac mail servers  mail almanac@esusda.gov or mail almanac@ecn.purdue.edu
                        mail almanac@oes.orst.edu or mail almanac@ces.ncsu.edu
                        mail almanac@silo.ucdavis.edu
   offers: USDA market news, articles about the use of computer in agricultural
           science, and Extension Computing Technology Newsletters.
    In body of letter: send guide  Other commands: send catalog

 -Am. Philos. Assoc.    telnet atl.calstate.edu or telnet
   offers:  BBS for APA.  (Login: apa)

 -Amateur Radio          mail info@arrl.org    (Also see Ham Radio below)
   offers: Ascii files about Amateur Radio and electronics.
   In Body of letter: help, info, send  or quit (ie send

 -Archie                telnet archie.au or                (Aussie)
                        telnet archie.univie.ac.at or    (Austria)
                        telnet archie.funet.fi or       (Finland)
                        telnet archie.th-darmstadt.de or  (Ger.)
                        telnet archie.kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp or (Japan)
                        telnet archie.sogang.ac.kr or      (Korea)
                        telnet archie.nz or           (New Zealand)
                        telnet archie.luth.se or telnet   (Sweden)
                        telnet archie.ncu.edu.tw or telnet  (TWN)
                        telnet archie.doc.ic.ac.uk or (UK/Ireland)
                        telnet archie.sura.net or    (USA [MD])
                        telnet archie.unl.edu or         (USA [NE])
                        telnet archie.ans.net or        (USA [NY])
                        telnet archie.rutgers.edu or     (USA [NJ])
   offers: Searches all ftp sites for any program you want.  (Login: archie)

 -Archie Mail Servers   mail archie@
   Subject: help  Offers: alterative Archie access to those w/o ftp or telnet.

 -CARL                  telnet pac.carl.org or
   offers: Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery service.

 -Darthmouth Library    telnet library.dartmouth.edu or
   offers: Divine Comedy and reviews.                  (connect dante)
           Read/Find passages in the King James Bible  (select file bible)
           Read/Find passages in Shakespeare's plays   (select file s plays)
           Read/Find passages in Shakespeare's sonnets (select file s sonnets)

 -DataBase Via Finger   finger help@dir.su.oz.au
   offers: Query databases on internet, newsgroups, etc via the finger command.

 -DUATS                 telnet duat.gtefsd.com or telnet
                        telnet duats.gtefsd.com or telnet
  offers: Aviation weather, flight planning. (Login: )
         The first address is for certified pilots, the second for uncertified.

  -FEDIX                telnet fedix.fie.com or telnet
    offers: info. on scholarships, minority assistance, etc. (login: fedix)

  -MicroMUSE            telnet michael.ai.mit.edu or telnet
    offers: Educational Multi-User Simulated Environment.  (Login: guest).

  -MOLIS                telnet fedix.fie.com or telnet
    offers:  Minority Online Information Service.  (Login: molis)

  -Nat'l Education BBS  telnet nebbs.nersc.gov or telnet
    offers: A limited-access system for NESP educators. (Login: guest)

  -Newton               telnet newton.dep.anl.gov or telnet
    offers: BBS for those teaching/studying sci., CS, math. (Login: cocotext)

 -Fileserver via Email  mail jal@uiuc.edu
   offers: Humor, ASCII, etc.  At begining of line in message:  Filesend: help

 -Finger through Telnet telnet site 79    (example: telnet csd4.csd.uwm.edu 79)
   "site" is the place you are fingering.  Once connected, type the username.

 -Freenet               telnet freenet-in-[a,b,c].cwru.edu or
                        telnet yfn.ysu.edu or (Login: visitor)
   offers: USA Today Headline News, Sports, etc...

 -FTP Mail              mail ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com
   Subject:(hit return) Body-of-letter: help (return) quit Offers:ftp via email
                        mail ftpmail@grasp.insa-lyon.fr
   Body-of-letter: help.  Please, European users only.
                        mail bitftp@pucc.princeton.edu
                        mail BITFTP@DEARN or to BITFTP@vm.gmd.de (Europe only)
   Body-of-letter: help or ftplist for a list of anon. ftp sites.

 -FTP Sites/Archives    ftp ocf.berkeley.edu or ftp
   offers: Docs, 5 puritytests, the Bible, Dec. of Ind, lyrics..cd /pub/Library
                        ftp wuarchive.wustl.edu or ftp sunset.cse.nau.edu
   offers: Gifs, Sights, & Sounds!  ftp sounds.sdsu.edu for the sounds
                        ftp ftp.uu.net
   offers: You name it, it's here!
                        ftp archive.umich.edu or sumex-aim.stanford.edu
   offers: Software for MS-Dos computers, Mac, Amiga, Apple2, Apollo...
                        ftp oak.oakland.edu
   offers: A huge software archive for PCs and UNIX.
                        ftp ftp.sura.net
   offers: How-to's about internet(how to email, ftp, telnet, etc.) in /pub/nic
                        ftp cathouse.aiss.uiuc.edu
   offers: All the text/humor files you'd want (tv, sex..) cd misc/fun/humor

  -Backgammon Servers   telnet ouzo.rog.rwth-aachen.de 8765
    offers: Play Backgammon! (Login: guest)  Also telnet 8765

  -Chat Clients         ftp ftp.santafe.edu      (4M Chat Service: cd pub/misc)
                        ftp csd4.csd.uwm.edu     (ICB Chat Service: cd pub/tjk)
                        ftp cs.bu.edu       (IRC Chat Service: cd /irc/clients)
    Get chat client program from ftp sites, compile program (make) and execute.

  -Chess Server         telnet aragorn.andrew.cmu.edu 5000 or 5000
    offers: Play/watch real-time chess w/ human opponents. Type 'help' for help

  -Cookie Server        telnet astro.temple.edu 12345 or telnet
    offers: Funny quote or saying everytime you telnet there.

  -Diplomacy            mail judge@morrolan.eff.org or judge@dipvax.dsto.gov.au
                        mail judge@shrike.und.ac.za or judge@u.washington.edu
    offers: Play the Avalon Hill game Diplomacy via email. Body-of-letter: help
    Note:  No new games are forming on the u.washington Judge, but substitute
            players are still needed.

  +Fingers for Fun      finger coke@cmu.edu also finger drink@drink.csh.rit.edu
                        finger info or graph@drink.csh.rit.edu
                       +finger coke@gu.uwa.edu.au
    offers: Status of drink and candy machines for fun.

  +GO Server            telnet hellspark.wharton.upenn.edu 6969 or
                        telnet ftp.pasteur.fr 6969 or 6969
    offers: Join others and play a game of GO.(Login/Password: choose your own)

  -IRC Telnet Client    telnet hastur.cc.edu or telnet
                       ?telnet bradenville.andrew.cmu.edu or telnet
    offers: Internet Relay Chat. (Login: irc) (See Chat Clients above)

  +Scrabble             telnet 7777
    offers: The popular Milton Bradley board game.

  -Trade Wars           telnet harmony.cern.ch 2002 or 2002
    offers: Play the online multiplayer game on Trade Wars World BBS.

  -Earthquake Info.     finger quake@geophys.washington.edu or
                        telnet geophys.washington.edu (Login/password: quake)
    offers: Recent quake info (location, time, magnitude, etc.)

  -Geographic Server    telnet martini.eecs.umich.edu 3000 or 3000
    offers: Info by city or area code (Population, Lat./Long., Elevation, etc).

  -Global Land Info Sys telnet glis.cr.usgs.gov or telnet
    offers:Land use maps of U.S., graphs/data of geological info.(Login: guest)

 -Gopher                telnet consultant.micro.umn.edu or telnet
                        telnet gopher.msu.edu or telnet
                       +telnet twosocks.ces.ncsu.edu or telnet
                        telnet cat.ohiolink.edu or telnet
                        telnet ENVIROLINK.hss.cmu.edu (password: envirolink)
                        telnet wsuaix.csc.wsu.edu / wsuinfo)
                        telnet arx.adp.wisc.edu  (Login: wiscinfo)
                       +telnet scilibx.ucsc.edu or   (INFOSLUG)
                        telnet sunsite.unc.edu or telnet
                        telnet gopher.uiuc.edu or telnet
                        telnet panda.uiowa.edu or telnet
                        telnet grits.valdosta.peachnet.edu or
                        telnet gopher.virginia.edu or gwis)
                        telnet gopher.ORA.com or telnet
                        telnet finfo.tu-graz.ac.at or (Login: info)
                        telnet info.anu.edu.au or telnet (Aussie)
                        telnet nstn.ns.ca or (login: fred)
                        telnet tolten.puc.cl or telnet     (Chile)
                        telnet gopher.denet.dk or telnet (Denmark)
                        telnet gopher.th-darmstadt.de or telnet
                        telnet ecnet.ec or telnet
                        telnet ecosys.drdr.virginia.edu or
                        telnet gopher.isnet.is or telnet
                        telnet siam.mi.cnr.it or telnet    (Italy)
                        telnet sunic.sunet.se or telnet   (Sweden)
                        telnet gopher.chalmers.se or     (Sweden)
                        telnet info.brad.ac.uk or (login: info)
  Offers:  access to other services, gophers, documents, etc. (Login: gopher)

 -Ham Radio Callbooks   telnet callsign.cs.buffalo.edu 2000 / 2000
                        telnet ham.njit.edu 2000 or telnet 2000
   offers: National ham radio call-sign callbook. (See Amateur Radio above)

 -History Databases     telnet ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu or telnet
   offers:  History databases (Login: history) and CIS info (Login: ex-ussr)

 -HP Calculator BBS     telnet hpcvbbs.cv.hp.com or telnet
   offers:  BBS for HP Calc. users, with chat mode.  (Login: new)

 -Hpcwire               telnet hpcwire.ans.net or telnet
   offers: Excellent menu-driven information searches. (Login: hpcwire)

 -Hytelnet Server       telnet access.usask.ca or telnet
                        telnet info.anu.edu.au or telnet
   offers: univ. & library catalogues around the world. (Login: hytelnet)

 -INFO - Rutgers CWIS   telnet info.rutgers.edu or telnet
   offers: (Dictionary, Thesurus, Quotations Database) Recommend select LIBRARY

 -Internet Resrce Guide ftp nnsc.nsf.net
   offers: compressed/tar'd list of net resources in /resource-guide.txt.tar.Z

 -InterNIC              telnet rs.internic.net or telnet
   offers: Gopher, WAIS, Whois, finger, TONS of Internet info, book orders, etc

 -Iowa Politcl. Stk Mkt telnet ipsm.biz.uiowa.edu or
  offers: Buy & sell shares in political candidates. (Non profit research

 -IP Address Resolver   mail resolve@cs.widener.edu
                        mail dns@grasp.insa-lyon.fr  (body of letter: help)
   usage: in body-of-letter: site 
Mails you IP address of site. -ISAAC telnet isaac.engr.washington.edu or offers: Info. System for Advanced Academic Computing, for IBM users. *LAW-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Gopher LAW Servers telnet fatty.LAW.cornell.edu or telnet telnet gopher.LAW.csuohio.edu or telnet -Law Library telnet liberty.uc.wlu.edu or telnet ftp sulaw.law.su.oz.au (cd /pub/law) offers: Law libraries and legal research. (Login: lawlib) Offers copies of laws for each state/computer laws, and more! -LawNet telnet sparc-1.law.columbia.edu or telnet offers: Law/Judicial info and catalogs access. (Login: lawnet) -Supreme Court Rulings ftp ftp.cwru.edu offers: ASCII files of Supreme Court rulings in directory /hermes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Library Catalogs ftp dla.ucop.edu (pub/internet/libcat-guide) offers: "Library Catalogs on the Internet: Strategies for Selection and Use" document (how, but not where; also get one of the following). ftp ftp.unt.edu (library/libraries.txt) offers: "Accessing Bibliographic Databases" document. ftp ariel.unm.edu (library/internet.library) offers: "Internet-Accessible Catalogs and Databases" document. -Library of Congress telnet locis.loc.gov or telnet offers: Library of Congress Information System (LOCIS) Offers access to lib. of congress, legislative info, and copyright info. -LIBS telnet nessie.cc.wwu.edu or telnet telnet info.anu.edu.au or telnet offers: Access to nearly all online services seen in this list.(Login: LIBS) -List of Lists ftp ftp.nisc.sri.com or ftp offers: List of interest groups/email lists in /netinfo/interest-groups. *MEDICAL/HEALTH--------------------------------------------------------------- -CancerNet mail cancernet@icicb.nci.nih.gov / gopher gopher.nih.gov offers: Cancer info. statements thru email. Body-of-letter:help or spanish -CHAT telnet debra.dgbt.doc.ca or telnet offers:Interactive AIDS & Epilepsy docs,simulated conversation(Login: chat) -Educational Tech Net telnet etnet.nlm.nih.gov or telnet offers:Forums and discussion groups on medical tech. and edu.(Login: etnet) ?FDA BBS telnet fdabbs.fda.gov or telnet offers: FDA bbs (News releases, Aids info, consumer info...) (Login: bbs) -Genetics Bank mail gene-server@bchs.uh.edu mail retrieve@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov mail blast@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Subject: help Offers: genetic database/nucleic acid/protein sequence. -Handicap/Med. Site ftp handicap.shel.isc-br.com or ftp offers: anonymous ftp of software and medical info. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Monochrome telnet mono.city.ac.uk or telnet offers: Multi-user messaging system (w/ chat) (Login/Password: mono) *MUSIC------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Billboard Charts finger buckmr@rpi.edu offers: U.S. Top Pop singles for the week. -Guitar Chords/TAB ftp ftp.nevada.edu or ftp offers: Tablature/Chords for guitar in /pub/guitar. Also at ftp.uu.net -Lyric/Music Server ftp ftp.uwp.edu or ftp ftp.iastate.edu (in /pub/lyrics) offers: Lyrics, chords/tablature, and music pictures. (/pub/music/...) -Music Newsletter mail listserv@vm.marist.edu (internet) or mail listserv@marist (bitnet) Body-of-letter: SUBSCRIBE UPNEWS Offers: Reviews, intviews -Rock/Metl Lyric Quiz finger gim@ or gim@ offers: Finger for Rock/Metal Lyrics Quiz. Recommend pipe through more. -Sid's Music Server mail mwilkenf@silver.ucs.indiana.edu Subject: BOOTHELP Offers: Lists of rare live recordings, cd's for sale. -Used Music Server mail Used-Music-Server@cs.ucsb.edu w/ subject: help offers: Users can buy/sell/trade CDs/LPs/Tapes or subscribe to the list. -Music List of Lists mail mlol-request@wariat.org (music list of lists) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -News Mail Servers mail [newsgroup]@cs.utexas.edu offers: Post to Usenet news via email. (eg. [newsgroup] = alt-bbs) -NICOL telnet nisc.jvnc.net or telnet offers:Access to internet resources, Elec. Publishing Service (Login: nicol) -NICOLAS telnet dftnic.gsfc.nasa.gov or telnet offers: Network Info. Center On-Line Aid System (Login: dftnic) -Nielsen TV Ratings finger normg@halcyon.halcyon.com offers: Weekly TV ratings according to the Nielsen rating system. -NNTP News Servers telnet quip.eecs.umich.edu 119 or 119 telnet vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au 119 or 119 telnet suntan.ec.usf.edu 119 or 119 telnet munnari.oz.au 119 or 119 (AUSSIE) telnet etl.go.jp 119 or 119 (JAPAN) telnet telnet news.fu-berlin.de 119 (GERMANY) offers: Telnetable access to post to the Usenet news. -Oracle mail oracle@cs.indiana.edu w/ subject: help offers: The Usenet Oracle answers all your questions! -OSS-IS ftp soaf1.ssa.gov mail info@soaf1.ssa.gov with "send index" as your msg. offers: Many FAQ's, ftp lists, library and service lists, gov't documents. -Project Gutenberg ftp mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu or ftp offers: Many books in print and almanac files. cd pub/etext -Public-Access Unix telnet nyx.cs.du.edu or offers: Free account, with access to various UNIX features. (login: new) -Public-Access Unix telnet hermes.merit.edu or telnet telnet m-net.ann-arbor.mi.us or telnet (Which host: um-m-net Enter 'g' for guest. login: newuser) -Queer Resource Dir. ftp nifty.andrew.cmu.edu offers: AIDS info/gay rights info. Recommen get file: README ( cd pub/QRD ) -QUERRI telnet isn.rdns.iastate.edu or telnet offers: Questions on Univ. Extension. Regional Research Info (Login: querri) -Recipe Archives ftp gatekeeper.dec.com (cd pub/recipes) ftp mthvax.cs.miami.edu (cd pub/recipes) offers: Anonymous ftp site for MANY food recipes. *SCIENCE/MATH----------------------------------------------------------------- -E-Math telnet e-math.ams.com or offers:Am. Math. Soc. bbs w/ software and reviews. (Login/Password: e-math) -NetLib mail netlib@ornl.gov or mail netlib@uunet.uu.net offers:Math (usually Fortran) programs via email Body-of-letter: send index -Nuclear Data Center telnet bnlnd2.dne.bnl.gov or telnet offers: National nuclear data. (Login: nndc) -StatLib Server mail statlib@lib.stat.cmu.edu Mail with line: send index. Offers:Prgms, Datasets, etc. for statisticians. -STIS telnet stis.nsf.gov or offers: Science & Technology Information System. (Login: public) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -SERVICES telnet wugate.wustl.edu or telnet offers: Access to nearly every listed service! (Login: services) +SFI BBS telnet bbs.santafe.edu or (login: bbs) offers: Research BBS provides access to info. on Complex Systems. *SOFTWARE/Information SERVERS------------------------------------------------- -Info/Software Server telnet rusinfo.rus.uni-stuttgart.de or offers: journals, unix stuff, recipes, online cookbook, etc. login: info -Software Server(ASK) telnet askhp.ask.uni-karlsruhe.de or offers: On-line software search. (Login/password: ask) -ZIB Electronic Libr. telnet elib.zib-berlin.de or telnet offers: Library of software, links to other libraries. (Login: elib) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- *SPACE/ASTRONOMY-------------------------------------------------------------- -Lunar/Planet Instit. telnet lpi.jsc.nasa.gov or telnet offers: Resources on Geology, Geophys, Astron., Astrophys. (Login: lpi) -NASA Headline News finger nasanews@space.mit.edu offers: Daily press releases from NASA. -NASA SpaceLink telnet spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov or telnet offers: Latest NASA news, including shuttle launches and satellite updates. -NED telnet ned.ipac.caltech.edu or telnet offers: NASA Extragalactic Database. Bibbliographies, info. (Login: ned) -NODIS telnet nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov or telnet telnet nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov or telnet offers:Menu-driven access to Nat'l Space Science Data Center (Login: nodis) -SpaceMet telnet spacemet.phast.umass.edu or offers: Science/space bbs about space exploration w/ info from NASA. -SDDAS telnet espsun.space.swri.edu 540 or 540 offers: SW Research Data Display & Analysis Center. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- *SPORTS----------------------------------------------------------------------- -Baseball Scores finger jtchern@sandstorm.berkeley.edu offers: Mail subscription available soon! -Sports Schedules NBA:telnet culine.colorado.edu 859 / 859 NHL: telnet culine.colorado.edu 860 / 860 MLB: telnet culine.colorado.edu 862 / 862 NFL: telnet culine.colorado.edu 863 / 863 offers: Sports schedules on-line. help for help, return for today's games. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Stock Market Report telnet a2i.rahul.net or telnet offers: Public access unix for a fee, market report is free! (Login: guest) -Travel Info. Library ftp ccu.umanitoba.ca or ftp offers: Travelogues, guides, FAQs. cd to the directory: /pub/rec-travel -UMD Info Database telnet info.umd.edu or telnet offers: Info. docs on many subjects, incl. Supr. Crt Decisions (Login: info) -UNC BBS telnet launchpad.unc.edu or telnet offers: Access to Library of Congress & nationwide libs (Login: launch) *USER LOOKUP SERVICES/WHOIS SERVICES------------------------------------------ -Mail Srvr/Usr Lookup mail mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu in body of mail message: send usenet-addresses/[name searching for] -Netfind User Lookup telnet bruno.cs.colorado.edu or telnet telnet mudhoney.micro.umn.edu or telnet telnet redmont.cis.uab.edu or telnet telnet netfind.oc.com or telnet telnet archie.au or telnet telnet malloco.ing.puc.cl or telnet telnet nic.uakom.cs or telnet telnet lincoln.technet.sg or telnet telnet monolith.cc.ic.ac.uk or telnet telnet dino.conicit.ve or telnet offers: Given a name and org./school, finds a user for you (login: netfind) -Whois Service List ftp sipb.mit.edu (pub/whois/whois-servers.list) offers: List of "whois" servers. -Whois Services telnet rs.internic.net or telnet mail service@rs.internic.net (w/ subject: help OR send RFC-xxxx.TXT, with xxxx being the RFC number) telnet cnri.reston.va.us 185 (Knowbot Info Serv.) offers: Way to find internet address given a keyword. To access type: whois ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -UUCP map entries by mail: mail dns@grasp.insa-lyon.fr (body: help) usage: in body-of-letter: uucp uucp_site Mails you UUCP map entry -WAIStation telnet quake.think.com or telnet telnet SWAIS.CWIS.UCI.EDU or telnet sunsite.unc.edu or telnet telnet nnsc.nsf.net or (Login: wais) telnet info.funet.fi or (Login: info) offers: Wide Area Info. Service. (Login: swais) *WEATHER/ATMOSPHERIC/OCEANIC-------------------------------------------------- -Auroral/Solar Report finger aurora@xi.uleth.ca or finger aurora@ finger solar@xi.uleth.ca or finger solar@ finger daily@xi.uleth.ca or finger daily@ offers: Auroral activity warnings/watches/sightings, updated hourly. Solar = 3-Hourly solar & Geophysical report, daily is the daily one -NOAA telnet nodc.nodc.noaa.gov or telnet offers: Nat'l Oceanic and Atmos. Admin. Lots of data! (Login: NOAADIR) -Oceanic Info. Center telnet delocn.udel.edu or telnet (Login: info) -Tropicl Strm Forecst finger forecast@typhoon.atmos.colostate.edu offers: Seasonal forecast for Atl. Ocn. Also: finger forecast@ -Weather Service telnet downwind.sprl.umich.edu 3000 or offers: City/State forecasts, ski conditions, earthquake reports, etc. -Weather Maps ftp vmd.cso.uiuc.edu offers: Surface analysis & current infrared weather maps GIFs. (cd wx) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Webster Dict. Servers telnet cs.indiana.edu 2627 or 2627 telnet chem.ucsd.edu or (login: webster) offers: Dictionary/Spelling service. Type "HELP" for info. (ALL CAPS!) -White House Releases mail Clinton-Info@Campaign92.Org with the subject: Help offers: Subscribe to White House press releases (news, speeches, etc.) -World-Wide Web telnet www.njit.edu or telnet (USA [NJ]) telnet FATTY.LAW.CORNELL.EDU or telnet telnet info.cern.ch or telnet (SWISS) telnet vms.huji.ac.il or telnet (ISRAEL) telnet ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu or (USA[KA]) offers: Access to various documents, lists, and services. (Login: www) * NOTE: NO LOGIN NAMES OR PASSWORDS ARE REQUIRED UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE! * NOTE: FOR FTP SITES, LOGIN AS anonymous, Password is your email address. * (C) 1993. No CHANGES are to be made to this document without the author's written consent. Reproduction/distribution without my permission IS ALLOWABLE so long as this document is left fully intact.