Special Internet Connections: Last update 12/15/93

Special Internet Connections: Last update 12/15/93

Compiled by: Scott Yanoff - yanoff@csd4.csd.uwm.edu

Note: For telnet, no login names or passwords are required unless stated otherwise. For FTP sites, login as anonymous; password is your email address.

Note: If your system is unable to resolve host names, you can instead use the corresponding IP addresses listed in most cases within square brackets []. If a port number is given with the host name, it applies also to the IP address.

Copyright 1993 Scott Yanoff. No changes are to be made to this document without the author's written consent. Reproduction/distribution without my permission is allowable so long as this document is left fully intact.

Agricultural Information, Family Issues, Food and Nutrition, and Environment

Agricultural info (livestock reports, current market prices, etc.).

Air Pollution BBS

Various BBS' that cover a wide range of Air Pollution information.

Almanac mail servers

USDA market news, articles about use of computer in agricultural science, and Extension Computing Technology Newsletters. (Body: send guide or send catalog)

Almanac of Events

Daily list of events and birthdays in history, and sports schedules.

Am. Philos. Assoc.

BBS for philosophers.

Amateur Radio

Archeological Database

National Archeological Database information management system. AVIATION_________________________________________________________

Aviation Gopher

Acts as a repository for things on rec.aviation (pics, stories...).


Aviation weather, flight planning. (login: last name) _________________________________________________________________

Career Center Online

Jobs database, resume listing service, search by location/keyword Also: mail occ-info@mail.msen.com


Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery service. COMPUTERS________________________________________________________

Amiga User Area

Lots of useful information for Amiga owners.

Macintosh UserGroup

Austrian Mac group. UserID/Password (hit return). _________________________________________________________________

Consumer Access Services / On-Line Shopping

Search for/buy CDs, software, books, and video tapes online!

Dartmouth Library

Divine Comedy and reviews (connect dante). To read/find passages in the King James Bible, select file bible; in Shakespeare's plays, select file s plays; in Shakespeare's sonnets, select file s sonnets.

DataBase Via Finger

Query databases, find newsgroups, access archie, etc., via finger.


European Commission Host Organization, free databases! (Login: echo) ECONOMICS/BUSINESS_______________________________________________

Economics Working Papers

(login: netec)

Economic BBS

Choose: News & Services | Economic Bulletin Board (login: infopath)

Stock Market Report

Select n, MENU: Current Info, then Market Report. (login: guest) _________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION/TEACHING/LEARNING______________________________________

Education Gophers

Provides K-12 resources, discussion groups, etc.


Information on scholarships, minority assistance, etc.


IBM Kiosk for Education (IKE) User Discussion Forums. (Login: register)

KidLink Gopher

Telecomm. project aimed at 10-15 year olds. (Login: gohper)

Learning Link

Electronic information and communication service. (Login/Password: newuser)


Educational Multi-User Simulated Environments.

Nanaimo SchoolsNET

An education-based BBS. (Login: GUEST)

National Education BBS

A limited-access system for NESP educators. (login: new)


BBS for those teaching/studying science, CS, math. (login: cocotext)


Questions on University Extension. Regional Research Info (login: querri) _________________________________________________________________

FedWorld Gateway

Access to lots of gov't databases, files, libraries, etc.

Finger through Telnet

site is the place you are fingering. Once connected, type the username. (example: telnet csd4.csd.uwm.edu 79)



Searches all ftp sites for any program you want. (login: archie)

Archie Mail Servers

Alterative Archie access to those without ftp or telnet.

FTP via EMail

FTP Sites/Archives

FTP via Telnet

Access UIowa's huge FTP site via telnet! (login: iscabbs) _________________________________________________________________


Backgammon Servers

Play Backgammon! (login: guest)

Bolo Tracker

Location of current bolo games.

Chat Clients

Get chat client program from ftp sites, compile program (make) and execute.

Chat Servers - Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Internet Relay Chat via telnet. (login: irc) See also Chat.

Chat Services

Tele-Chat online chat service.

Chess Server

Play/watch real-time chess with human opponents. Type help for help.

Cookie Server

Funny quote or saying everytime you telnet there.

Cyber-Sleaze Daily Report

Daily reports on entertainers and such.


Play the Avalon Hill game Diplomacy via email. (Body: help) Note: No new games are forming on the u.washington Judge, but substitute players are still needed.

Fingers for Fun

Game Server

Choose from a multitude of online games. (Login: GAMES)

GO Server

Join others and play a game of GO. (Login/Password: choose your own) _________________________________________________________________


Earthquake Info.

Recent quake info (location, time, magnitude, etc.).

Geographic Server

Information by city or area code (Population, Latitude/Longitude, Elevation, etc).

Global Land Info Sys

Land use maps of U.S., graphs/data of geological info (login: guest) _________________________________________________________________


Ham Radio Callbooks

National ham radio call-sign callbook. (See also Amateur Radio.)

History Databases

HP Calculator BBS

BBS for HP Calculator users, with chat mode. (login: new)


Excellent menu-driven information searches. (login: hpcwire)

Hytelnet Server

University and library catalogues around the world. (login: hytelnet)

IEEE's Standards Process Automation System (SPAsystem)

Communications and information hub for standards development and use. (Login: guest)


Gopher, WAIS, Whois, finger, tons of Internet info, book orders, etc.

Iowa Political Stock Market

Buy and sell shares in political candidates. (Non profit research proj)

IP Address Resolver

Mails you IP address of site. (body: site address) LAW______________________________________________________________


ACCESS: Legislative Information Service, Hawaii State Legislature

Gopher LAW Servers

Law info via gopher. (Login: gopher)

Law Library

Law libraries and legal research. Offers copies of laws for each state/computer laws, and more!


Law/Judicial info and catalogs access. (login: lawnet)

Supreme Court Rulings

ASCII files of Supreme Court rulings in directory /hermes

WWW Law Servers

Hypertext access to legal documents (Login: www) _________________________________________________________________

Library Catalogs

Library of Congress


Access to nearly all online services seen in this list. (Login: LIBS)

List of Lists

List of interest groups/email lists in /netinfo/interest-groups.

Matchmaker by Email

Will reply with instructions and questionnaire. MEDICAL/HEALTH/BIOLOGY/GENETICS__________________________________


Cancer information statements through email. (Body: help or spanish)


Interactive AIDS and Epilepsy documents, simulated conversation. (login: chat)

Educational Tech Net

Forums and discussion groups on medical technology and education. (login: etnet)

Genetics Bank

Genetic database/nucleic acid/protein sequence. (Subject: help)

Genomic Database of the Mouse

Jackson Laboratory's Genetic Databases. (Login: guest)

Handicap/Medical Sites



Multi-user messaging system (with chat) (Login/Password: mono)

Movie Database Request

Information on actors, directors, movies, etc. MUSIC____________________________________________________________

Billboard Charts

U.S. Top Pop singles for the week.

Guitar Chords/TAB

Tablature/Chords for guitar in /pub/guitar. Also at ftp.uu.net.

Lyric/Music Server

Lyrics, chords/tablature, and music pictures.

Music and Brain Information Database (MBI)

Scientific research (references & abstracts) on music as related to behavior, the brain, and allied fields.

Music Newsletter

Reviews, interviews. (Body: SUBSCRIBE UPNEWS your full name)

Sid's Music Server

Lists of rare live recordings, cd's for sale.

Used Music Server

Users can buy/sell/trade CDs/LPs/Tapes or subscribe to the list.

Music List of Lists



Electronic Newsstand

Access to MANY electronic journals (Select Elec. Serials)

List of Periodic Postings

Listing of all FAQs, lists, and periodic postings to Usenet news.

News Mail Servers

Post to Usenet news via email. (e.g. newsgroup = alt-bbs)

NNTP Usenet News

Select: Reference Shelf (login: kufacts) See Also: UNC BBS, Panda Gopher.

NNTP Server List

A list of publicly accessable NNTP news servers.

USA Today/Washington Post

USA Today Headline News, Sports, etc...

Nielsen TV Ratings

Weekly TV ratings according to the Nielsen rating system.


The Usenet Oracle answers all your questions!


Many FAQ's, ftp lists, library and service lists, government documents.

Project Gutenberg

Many books in print and almanac files in pub/etext.

Public-Access Unix

Free account, with access to various UNIX features. (login: new)

Public-Access Unix

(Which host: um-m-net Enter g for guest. login: newuser)

Queer Resource Dir.

AIDS info/gay rights information. Recommend get file: README in pub/QRD.

Recipe Archives

Anonymous ftp site for many food recipes. RELIGION/BIBLE RELATED___________________________________________

Gabriel's Horn

Telnet there and receive in return the text of a Bible verse from the Old or New Testament for reflection and meditation. (Also see Dartmouth above)


WWW with info. on Jewish mailing lists, journals, restaurants, etc. (Login: JEWISHNET)

NY-Israel Gopher

Jewish libraries, lists, projects, holocaust info, etc. _________________________________________________________________



Information relating to the Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility.


American Mathematical Society bbs with software and reviews. (Login/Password: e-math)

Math Gopher

Math archives (software, teaching materials, other gophers)


Math (usually Fortran) programs via email (body: send index)

Nuclear Data Center

National nuclear data. (login: nndc)

Particle Information System

Lookup information on any particle! (Login: pdg_public)

Periodic Table

Electronic periodic table of elements.

StatLib Server

Programs, Datasets, etc. for statisticians. (body: send index)


Science and Technology Information System. (login: public) _________________________________________________________________


Access to nearly every listed service! (login: services)


Research BBS provides access to information on Complex Systems. (login: bbs) SOFTWARE/Information SERVERS_____________________________________

Info/Software Server

Journals, unix stuff, recipes, online cookbook, etc. (login: info)

Software Server (ASK)

On-line software search. (Login/password: ask)

ZIB Electronic Libr.

Library of software, links to other libraries. (login: elib) _________________________________________________________________



Space environment resource. (Login: Envnet, Password: Henniker)

Europe Space Agency

Access ESA PID (Prototype Information Directory) and ESIS (European Space Info System)


Science, etc. databases from satellites, etc. (Login: FIFEUSER)

Lunar/Planet Instit.

Resources on Geology, Geophysics, Astronomy, Astrophysics. (login: lpi)

NASA Headline News

Daily press releases from NASA. (See also SpaceNews)

NASA SpaceLink

Latest NASA news, including shuttle launches and satellite updates.


National Space Development Agency of Japan (login: nasdadir)


NASA Extragalactic Database. Bibliographies, information. (login: ned)


Menu-driven access to National Space Science Data Center. (login: nodis)


SW Research Data Display and Analysis Center.


Science/space bbs about space exploration with information from NASA.


Weekly publication of space news. (See also NasaNews)


Reports about Hubble Telescope, press releases. (login: stinfo)


Sports Schedules

Sports schedules on-line. help for help, <return> for today's games.

NFL Scores/Standings/Line Spread

Football scores, standings, and next weeks schedule. _________________________________________________________________ TRAVEL___________________________________________________________

Subway Navigator

Search subway routes of major cities, in French or English.