Handy Converter in Javascript

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Enter Number or Numeral to Convert


  • Enter the arabic number or roman numeral that you wish to convert.
  • Arabic numbers from 1 to 3,999,999 can be converted.
  • The normal extended notation, meaning times 1000, is to put a bar over the letter.
  • Because there are no computer letters with bars over them, this form uses lower case letters instead.
  • 1000 is alternatively represented by i (I). This will be converted to m (M).

Roman Numerals

1 I  
5 V  
10 X  
50 L  
100 C  
500 D  
1,000 M  
1,000 i I
5,000 v V
10,000 x X
50,000 l L
100,000 c C
500,000 d D
1,000,000 m M
Source: jeankorte.ca